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  • Plant in the rain with text: "Your outdoor AC unit is (almost) impervious to the rain"

    Your Outdoor AC Unit Is (Almost) Impervious to the Rain

    Spring showers arrived in full force in some areas. Is your AC unit ready ? Rest assured, you can you use an air conditioner in ...

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  • Ducting with text: "Stop and inspect your ceiling ductwork now"

    How to Inspect Ductwork

    It’s important to inspect the ductwork in your home for any issues that might prevent your HVAC system from running at maximum ...

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  • Wall thermostat reading 73 degrees Fahrenheit

    Ultimate Guide to the Ideal Home Temperature

    All homeowners share a common goal: keep the house comfortable while paying the lowest energy bills possible. The trick is to ...

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  • Ceiling fan with text: "Repurpose fan blades into a chalkboard message board"

    Ceiling Fan Blade Art Projects

    If you have a broken ceiling fan laying around the house, we have some creative ideas for turning it into something fun and ...

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