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  • Dehumidifier with text: "It's time for a dehumidifier"

    It's Time for a Dehumidifier

    The heat and humidity of summer have arrived! Don’t let summer’s stickiness take its toll on your comfort - or your home. Now is ...

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  • Lightning with text: "Be prepared for summertime power surges"

    Be Prepared for Summertime Power Surges

    With all those air conditioners running during the summer, the electrical grid maxes out, and power surges become more common. If ...

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  • Ceiling fan

    Reminder to Switch Your Fan Direction

    Stay cool in the summer heat without maxing-out your electric bill - don’t forget to switch the direction of your ceiling fan ...

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  • Fans and AC units

    Quickly Cool Your House If Your AC Breaks

    AC broken? Use these tips to keep your home as cool as possible until it’s repaired.. Strategic Use of Fans Running a fan is one ...

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