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  • Stylish living room with lit fireplace

    How to Insulate a Fireplace

    Fireplaces are often the centerpiece of the home; that’s just one reason to learn how to maintain your fireplace to keep it ...

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  • Person serving air ducts

    How to Insulate Ductwork | Air Duct Insulation

    Was your energy bill higher than you expected last year? It might be time to check your heating and cooling system. The ductwork ...

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  • Modern wood burning stove

    How Does a Wood Stove Work?

    Everybody loves the warmth and classic style of a wood-burning stove in the colder months. Woodstoves lend an instant cozy ...

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  • Closed pellet stove

    What Is a Pellet Stove?

    Wishing you could warm your hands with a cozy fire this winter? No need to build a fireplace or chop wood! Consumers are ...

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