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  • Dog on grass next to plastic pool

    How to Keep Outdoor Pets Cool in Summer

    No one wants to swelter under the summer sun, and outdoor pets are no exception. It’s just as important to keep them cool in the ...

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  • Stairs to upper level of house

    How to Cool the Second Floor of a House

    Are you struggling to keep the second story of your home cool this summer? As hot air rises, so does the temperature in your upper ...

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  • Whole house fan in ceiling

    What Is a Whole House Fan and How Does a Whole House Fan Work

    A whole house fan is a fantastic add-on to your house cooling strategy. Installed in your attic or roof, it works by pulling air ...

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  • Man installing attic fan

    What Is an Attic Fan and What Does an Attic Fan Do?

    Do you have an attic fan to help keep your house cool in the summer? If you’re not familiar with this handy house accessory, it’s ...

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