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  • frozen air conditioner

    Why Is My Air Conditioner Frozen and How Do I Fix It?

    Is your air conditioner frozen? You’re not alone. It’s common for the components of an air conditioner unit to freeze up, and it’s ...

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  • AC condenser unit

    What is Considered a High Efficiency Air Conditioner?

    It’s no secret that running an old air conditioner system can mean paying more each month on your home’s energy bill. Updating or ...

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  • Evaporated air conditioning unit

    What Is Evaporative Air Conditioning?

    The summer heat can be debilitating, and so can getting your summer energy bill. Air conditioners can really rack up the ...

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  • Portable air conditioner

    Portable Vs. Window Air Conditioners: Which Is Better?

    Central air conditioning can be expensive to install and use. Fortunately, there are alternatives if you’re looking for a ...

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