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  • Thermostat with no power warning

    Help! My Thermostat Has No Power

    Have you discovered that your thermostat isn’t working? With winter weather ramping up, your family should not have to sort out a ...

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  • Smoke alarm clock reading 12:37 on bedside table

    How to Choose a Smoke Alarm For the Hearing Impaired

    Trying to find the right smoke alarm for hearing-impaired loved ones? Traditional smoke alarms utilize loud alarm sounds that are ...

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  • Smoke detector mounted on wall

    Photoelectric vs. Ionization Smoke Detector: Which Is Best?

    In the search for the right smoke detector for your home, you will likely see a face-off between the photoelectric and the ...

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  • Person pulling filter out of an air purifier

    Air Filter vs. Air Purifier: Why Your HVAC Filter Isn't Enough

    Every homeowner wants to have clean air in their home, which is why it’s important to understand the difference between an air ...

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