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  • furnace limit switch

    What Is a Furnace Limit Switch and Why Is It Important?

    Do you really know how your furnace works? Inside that heat-producing appliance are a lot of vital components. One is the furnace ...

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  • Why Does My Furnace Keep Clicking?

    It's cold outside, and the furnace kicks on like normal—well, except for that strange sound. "Why does my furnace keep clicking?" ...

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  • House in the middle of winter with snow on the ground

    How Often Should My Furnace Cycle in the Winter?

    Winter weather puts your furnace to the test. After months of being dormant, the system suddenly finds itself working overtime. ...

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  • Why Is a Furnace Heat Sensor Important?

    Have you ever heard of a furnace heat sensor? This little device, also known as a flame sensor, is an important component inside ...

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