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  • Industrial air ducts

    How to Clean Mold Out of Duct Work

    Mold in air ducts is a problem no homeowner wants to face. Mold spores inside your air ducts can easily spread throughout your ...

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  • Person opening box containing a new duct vent

    Do Duct Boosters Really Work?

    An important facet of optimum home comfort is temperature consistency from room to room. Chilly air in one spot and warm air in ...

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  • Air conditioner covered during winter

    Should I Cover My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

    An air conditioner is a major appliance - which can equate to major replacement costs. So, maintaining your AC unit is of utmost ...

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  • Air conditioner fan

    Why Does the Fan Keep Running on My Air Conditioner?

    Is the fan on your AC running and running … and still running? When it’s working correctly, the HVAC fan should turn on and off as ...

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