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  • Technician using vacuum to clean dust from inside of furnace

    Why Does My Furnace Smell?

    Like any appliance, your furnace requires routine maintenance and cleaning. It’s not uncommon to notice the smell of burning dust ...

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  • Young woman wrapped in a blanket sitting on her couch into front of a laptop computer.

    Energy Efficiency Tips for Poorly Insulated Houses

    There are several important factors that help determine how well your home can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature ...

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  • Technician cleaning front cover a furnace before reinstalling

    Why Does Your Furnace Need to Be Cleaned Every Year?

    While your furnace works hard to heat your home, it’s a magnet for dust, dirt, and debris. Furnace cleaning is important to the ...

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  • Gas flame patio heater

    How to Use a Patio Heater Safely

    As temperatures drop, it’s common to think that the season for outdoor entertaining is coming to a close—but that doesn’t have to ...

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