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  • Technician wearing safety goggles and mask checking refrigerant charge on HVAC system

    Should You Replace a Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

    If your furnace or air conditioner is struggling to heat or cool your home, it may be time to replace them. Yes, replace both ...

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  • Service technician working on a residential AC unit

    Why Does My AC Keep Tripping the Breaker?

    It’s a hot summer day. Your AC comes on, and then … quickly turns off. Was that the breaker again? How do you make this madness ...

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  • Person wearing yellow rubber gloves using a purple towel to clean a dirty air vent.

    How to Clean Dirty Air Vents

    Dirty air vents can be easily missed until dust, dirt, and debris buildup and become an obvious eyesore, affecting your breathing ...

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