HVAC Tips and Tricks

Advice from Licensed Heating and Cooling Technicians

Your heating and cooling system uses as much as two-thirds of the energy in your home. For this reason, it is critical to make smart choices in order to improve the efficiency and overall performance of the unit. It might be the difference between an exorbitant monthly bill and an amount you can manage. Proper care is also how you improve the air quality for your family. Consider some tips from the experts at Aire Serv® to keep your home environment safe and comfortable.

Why Maintenance Matters

The little things make a difference in AC and heating performance. Something as small as changing the filter will increase the life of the equipment and improve its ability to function. An effective maintenance program includes some basic tasks that any homeowner can handle and regular service from a qualified agent like Aire Serv.

We offer a list of tips that focus on regular maintenance:

How Can I Cut Costs?

Even a heating and cooling system that is running well can use a hand keeping temperatures steady. It takes more than just following basic heating and cooling tips. Energy saving extends into the home, as well, such as keeping shades down on hot summer days to reduce the heat from the sun, for instance.

Other things that matter at home include:

  • Reverse the direction of the fan each season. During the summer, it should rotate counter-clockwise and in winter clockwise. A switch at the base of the fan allows you to change the blade direction.
  • Monitor the thermostat reading. Just five degrees either way makes a difference in energy usage.

Other Factors to Consider

There are a variety of tips relative to common home scenarios. For example:

  • Vacuum more often to improve air intake if you have pets, especially during the summer when pets are more likely to shed.
  • Use a denser filter in home with one or more pets.
  • Filter replacements are often neglected simply because homeowners forget to purchase them. You beat the odds when you sign up for a monthly reminder.

Going from Season to Season

HVAC systems are essentially two appliances in one: air conditioner and heater. For this reason, it makes sense that there will be different maintenance tasks for different times of the year:

  • Going into the summer months, you want a service professional to strip down the AC condenser and check the coolant level.
  • As winter approaches, you need that all important furnace evaluation to make sure it is safe and efficient.

Have More Questions? We’re Like EMTs for Your HVAC!

Following heater and air conditioning tips to keep the system running at its peak is important, but know when to call for professional help. Aire Serv is there when you have questions about your system or if you need a technician to come out for an evaluation. Call us to address any maintenance concerns or to set up an appointment.

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