Friday the 13th: Don't Let It Darken Your Day

don't let friday the 13th darken your day title - white candles on black background

Bad days happen, and when they do, they can often be difficult to improve. Even for the non-superstitious, Friday the 13th still arouses a little bit of paranoia and can turn a potentially pleasurable day into an unfavorable one. It’s a day no one particularly looks forward to, and being constantly on edge about the possibility of ominous events around the corner isn’t a preferable way to spend the morning or afternoon.

Friday the 13th Cat

Take comfort because Aire Serv® wants to eliminate any anxiety you may experience with these helpful tips to make this day, or any dark day, a bit brighter. Five tips for a brighter day

  1. Find little, simple pleasures and scatter them throughout the day. Drink green tea, take a short nap, eat dark chocolate (or any sweet treat), sing in the shower, hug your child, watch a favorite movie or flip through an old photo album.
  2. Get one important thing done. This will help de-stress and de-clutter your schedule, and you’ll feel more satisfied with yourself at the end of the day.
  3. Help someone in need. Do a good deed for the day. Offer to buy the person’s order behind you, open the door for a stranger, give a random person $5 or take a friend their favorite treat.
  4. Listen to a fun, upbeat song. Studies have shown that listening to music can alter your mood and alleviate depression.
  5. Stay away from media for a few hours. Instead, use that time to read, journal, go outside for a walk, meet a friend for coffee or take a long shower.

By following these tips from Aire Serv, you can turn your unlucky Friday the 13th into a day of smiles and good cheer.