Miley Cyrus and Allergies: 5 Things They Have in Common

Miley Cyrus and Allergies

Each spring, 35 million Americans begin their annual sniffing and sneezing ritual. Seasonal allergies, or hay fever, are commonly caused by grasses, weeds and trees releasing tiny pollen grains into the air in an effort to fertilize new spring plants.

Miley Cyrus
Photo courtesy of Business Insider

In an attempt to inject some humor into an otherwise miserable topic, we here at Aire Serv® explored some of the surprising similarities between allergies and the other hot topic in the news these days – Miley Cyrus.

  1. They’re both happening right now Miley has been called the next Madonna. It’s no surprise, what with her controversial outfits and notorious moves on stage. Miley has never been more happening, just like your spring allergies.
  2. They both make your eyes water One reason why Miley has claimed the spotlight is because of her ability to reinvent her image over and over. Of course, everyone mourns the good old days when Miley was a sweet and innocent Disney girl, known primarily for her role as Hannah Montana. Those days are long gone, and each new reinvention of Miley makes your eyes water.
  3. They are both inescapable Pollen travels far and wide, wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers along the way. Even if you keep the windows closed, you’re bound to track in allergens any time you step outside. If you thought allergies were unavoidable, consider how many times you have run into a Miley Cyrus video or have heard “Wrecking Ball” against your will. Thanks to the Internet and TV, you don’t even need to step out the front door for her face to pop up in your living room.
  4. They both make you cough uncontrollably You know when something awkward comes on TV and your parents or children are in the room? You might experience the uncontrollable urge to cough in a futile effort to decrease the awkward moment. That probably happens every time a performance by Miley comes on the screen. You might even get away with blaming the coughing fit on your allergies.
  5. Shortness of breath is a symptom they share Whether you’re gasping in awe at Miley’s singing talent or scratching your head in confusion at her dance moves, it’s common for anyone listening to or watching anything Miley-related to experience shortness of breath. Clearly, allergies aren’t the only things that make you want to reach for your inhaler.

Now that you grasp the similarities, you’ll never look at allergies or Miley Cyrus the same way again. We don’t have any solutions for allergy-like symptoms caused by overexposure to Miley’s music videos, but Aire Serv is here to help you manage spring allergies with HVAC solutions. Contact us today to learn more.