We Love Summer: 10 Reasons You Should Too!

we love summer - woman laying on a beach

It’s kind of a universal thought that summer’s debut is with Memorial Day and the grand finale is with Labor Day. For this year, that means there will be 97 glorious days of summer that should be celebrated! At Aire Serv, summer makes us happy, really happy. As a matter of fact, we love summer! And here are our top 10 reasons why we think you should love summer too.

  1. Summer Tunes Who doesn’t love a good toe-tappin’ song about summer? Try listening to these songs and see if you don’t have a smile suddenly creep across your face. Beach Boys: Surfin’ USA Richard Marx: Endless Summer Bryan Adams: Summer of ’69 Mungo Jerry: In the Summertime
  2. Flip Flops They’re comfortable, convenient, stylish, and according to Go Barefoot and Enjoy Life, flip flops are the next best thing to going barefoot!
  3. Picnics When was the last time you had a picnic? With the onset of fast food, to-go orders and microwaves it seems that good, old-fashioned picnics may be a thing of the past. We just can’t let that happen. It’s almost a right of passage to swat flies and shoo ants all while enjoying a nice family meal in the summer sun. Put a picnic on your summer calendar and just see what kind of fun ensues.
  4. Beach This one word has the ability to conjure up a myriad of memories of jumping in the waves as a child and adult visions of rest and relaxation. This summer, make it a goal to get your feet in some sand. And if you need a little help deciding which beach to embrace, TravelChannel.com has a listing of the 10 tops beaches in the US.
  5. Grilling Yah, yah. We all know you can whip up some burgers and dogs on the grill. But how about trying something different like pizza, mozzarella cheese and even pound cake? Try out these 27 unexpected foods to grill from Greatist.com
  6. Late Summer Nights There’s just something about hanging out on the back patio and visiting with family and friends late into a summer evening. Whether it’s a patio chairs and a card table or a lavish backyard hideaway, the ambiance is nonetheless what memories are made of.
  7. Road Trips To get the full experience of a true road trip you have to leave the GPS at home. Then you grab a road map and a few BFF’s and hit the road. Drive where your heart leads you. Just in case you need a little direction, HuffingtonPost.com has a phenomenal listing of the 10 best road trips in America.
  8. Chasing Fireflies Didn’t everyone catch fireflies as a child? Let the inner kiddo in you come out to play and catch some fireflies. There’s something almost magical about their glow.
  9. Baseball With the smell of hotdogs wafting in the air and the crack of the bat echoing throughout the stadium, baseball and summer go hand-in-hand. And how much fun is it to be part of a massive fan wave! Find a game near you and make it a game night.
  10. Watermelon One word…yum! Even the traditional slice of watermelon is shaped like a smile. So, how can a juicy slice of watermelon not make your day better? There’s really not much more to say about that.

So, are you convinced now? Are you feeling some summer love? It sure does feel good, doesn’t it!