8 Ways to Stay Cool this Memorial Day Weekend

8 Ways to Keep Cool this Memorial Day Weekend
“I’m melting!! Melting!!” Don’t go down like the Wicked Witch of the West. We know you’re smart enough to go for a dip in the pool when the weather is hot, but did you know about these infinitely more interesting, ice-cold ideas?

Keep cool when the mercury is sky high with these frigidly fun ideas…

  1. Buy an ice vest.
    Really. It’s a thing. This zip-on vest comes complete with ice panels you store in the freezer and pop in the vest before yard work, sporting events - whatever has your temperature climbing.
  2. Ice yourself down with some tea.
    Brew a pot of peppermint tea, then refrigerate it and pour some into a spray bottle. Misting yourself with it will help you keep cool better than water thanks to the menthol in the tea. Then brew some Chrysanthemum tea, a traditional Chinese herbal remedy for lowering the body temperature and treating heat rash, to help you keep cool from the inside out.
  3. Put your kids’ toys on ice.
    Literally. Fill a bucket, bowl, or storage container with some water. Toss a few waterproof toys in it and set the kids up for an icy outdoor excavation.
  4. Freeze your sheets – not your underwear.
    Keep cool by freezing sheets and pillowcases a few hours before bed. Fold them up and seal them into plastic bags to keep them food-free. Then make your bed right before climbing in. Still hot? Grab a cold pack and place it under your ankles or behind your knees for a little extra relief.
  5. Keep cool with capsaicin.
    Spicy food increases blood circulation; making you sweat without raising your body temperature and making you feel cooler as sweat evaporates.
  6. Play cold potato.
    Fill water balloons and poke a hole in them with a pin, passing them around until deflated. Really feeling the heat? Store a pile of them in the fridge before playing.
  7. Create your own DIY air conditioning.
    Place a bowl of ice water or a couple of frozen bottles of water in front of your floor or desk fan, aim it at yourself, and voila! Instant air conditioning.
  8. Shade yourself with a fan umbrella.
    Water protection, shade, and a fan combined in one handy dandy umbrella? Could it be true? Your favorite Sharper Image invention team has brought this dream to fruition. The umbrella’s fan is built in, easy to control, and folds up automatically when you close it. Check it out.

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