Looking For a New Career?

Women in the Trades banner with text: "Looking for a new career?"
I remember high school like it was yesterday – even though it was 25 years ago. I remember the excitement of seeing what courses you could select as electives when you had the option to choose a couple of courses based on your specific interests. I choose the typical cooking (love), sewing (hate), and art (not my thing) because those are the courses girls selected – even in the 80’s. Why? I am not totally sure – but I know I didn’t choose automotive or welding – those were courses geared towards the boys. They seemed hard and honestly, what would I need those skills for in a career of my choosing?

Typically women have thought of the trades as jobs that were male orientated but in reality there is a strong need for women in this field. Things are finally starting to change!

While female technicians seem to be underrepresented in fields such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, glass repair, restoration, and painting, they are dynamic assets to these service companies.

Women tend to more easily build relationships with customers - who are typically female. They are considered less threatening when entering a home to preform a service. Many women also feel stronger trust with another woman, as opposed to a man, who may make them feel intimidated or self-conscious of not fully understanding the lingo.

The average program in trades can take as little as 12 months or combines post-secondary school with hands on learning in the field for longer programs. Skilled females in trades are in high demand for the unique perspective they bring to both the role and the engagement with customers. Many students in high school can begin to test out various trades by selecting classes such as shop, carpentry & joinery, woodworking, metal fabricating, machinery or drafting.

This is why, at The Dwyer Group, we are happy to have the Women in the Trades program and scholarship encouraging females to consider a trade as their first, or even next, career move. Our goal is to provide young women with options for their future – options that can include higher than minimum wage income, independence, and an opportunity to join a worthwhile organization. For more information check out our website Women in the Trades to see how you can get help in getting the career you never knew you wanted.