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This spring, the air is warming up quickly, which means the allergens are in the air. With the changes in the seasons, it is important to make sure the air quality in your home is supporting your health.

This month, we have gathered insight from Aire Serv franchise owner Richard Ciresi for professional tips about air quality testing for your home and business.

How often should a home or business have its air quality tested?

Frequency of testing should be based upon issues that were revealed during initial testing and any changes in use, breathing, or comfort issues. For example, if your home originally tested high for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) count you would want to retest every 90 days until the problem is solved. Once the VOC issue appears to be under control, annual retesting is recommended. If initial testing indicates no issues, a testing schedule of every three years is advised.

After testing the air quality, what is the most common pollutant found?

In my experience, a high particulate count (dust, pollen, etc.) is the most common followed very closely by an elevated VOC level.

During the changing of seasons, how can a home or business owner ensure the best air quality for their family or employees?

It is best to only use controlled and filtered ventilation. Many people will open their windows at night during spring and fall to “let in the fresh air”. The problem is that this air is usually humidity laden and contains dust and mold spores. Once these contaminants are in the home, the next morning when you close the windows and turn on the air conditioning, you create the perfect environment for dust mites to prosper and mold spores to grow. Careful attention should be paid to the outdoor conditions as in relation to indoor conditions prior to ventilating with unconditioned outdoor air.

What is the easiest and most affordable way to prevent poor air quality in a home or business?

Testing is the first step so you don't spend money trying to eliminate something you don't have. A high-quality filter system can help most situations, but other chemical compounds cannot be filtered and must have alternate means of removal. There are many products on the market, many with very low effectiveness, which can only be judged through measured performance via testing.

Do you have any suggestions for immediately improving air quality in a home or business?

Change the filters in your air moving equipment. Remove all candles, incense, and air fresheners, and use natural or low VOC cleaning compounds.

For more information about air quality testing in your home and business, contact the professionals at Aire Serv who are ready to help you with all your air quality questions.

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