The Aire Serv Advantage Plan

Aire Serv tech and van with text: "The Aire Serv Advantage Plan"

What most people don’t know about Aire Serv is that we offer a plan to help you, as the customer, get the most out of your service. The Advantage Plan is a way for you to be able to receive preferred service, or even coverage on your HVAC repairs. There is a reason they call themselves the EMT for your HVAC!

We met with the Vice President of Operations at Aire Serv, James Walker, to discuss some of the benefits to using the Aire Serv Advantage Plan. Here is what we talked about:

What are some services Aire Serv offers?

Basically, Aire Serv offers services dealing with the cooling or heating of a home or the quality of air that goes into the hometo keep the home comfortable.Sometimes, it is more than fixing a broken air conditioner; it’s making sure that the house you live in has the air that you want to breathe and has the safety devices that you want, like smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.

Why get the Advantage plan? What are some advantages?

The Advantage plan benefits the customer in multiple ways. One, it gives customers a 15 percent discount on any service task that we do and also gives them priority scheduling for service calls or replacement appointments.Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to do precision tune-ups and evaluate how effectively a unit is running before the season hits so your unit doesn’t break down at an inopportune time when it’s hard to get someone out.

Are these plans a huge investment?

Typically, these plans are not a huge investment, and most of the time, they are really about creating a cost-effective way to keep the system running at peak efficiency, as opposed to coming out in a broken system scenario.They typically fall between the range of $10-15 a month based on the kind of unit the customer has in the home.

Why choose Aire Serv?

What I have typically seen in the home services business is that people are focused on fixing a broken unit. There are so many things attached to it. What broke it? What might break in the future?What would make their home more comfortable, safe, reliable or efficient? We want to slow down the process, educate them, and show them the options that are available to them so they can invest in what is important to them. Most of the time, companies come in and just fix what they think is best rather than choosing to focus on the customer, helping them evaluate their needs, and then providing them the education and options to help them fix their system.

How can someone sign up for the Advantage Plan?

Customers can sign up for the Advantage Plan by calling a local Aire Serv, and speaking to a customer service representative or talking with the technician who arrives on site for a service call.

If customers do sign up for any of the plans and want to cancel, they may do so at any time. For more information about how the Aire Serv Advantage Plan can benefit you, click here.