Now Is the Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Window AC unit with text: "Now is the time to replace your air conditioner"

Before summer’s heat sets in and leaves you sweltering with a burned-out AC system, it may be time to upgrade the relic currently taking up precious real estate in your front yard. Luckily, the modest March climate is an ideal time to replace an air conditioner. Don’t put your family’s safety at risk by letting your archaic AC wheeze through another summer. Save your sanity – and lots of energy dough – by replacing your system now.

How often do you need to replace your air conditioner?

While we’re sure your initial thought will be that your current system is surviving, the typical HVAC system lasts only 10-15 years, losing efficiency and performance as it ages. Signs from last summer that indicate it is time for an AC replacement?

  • Frequent repairs.
    If you’re constantly replacing parts or refilling refrigerant it’s time to replace. R-22 refrigerant will be phased-out by 2020, and become increasingly expensive. Consider the cost of repairs as they add up: One-third to half the cost of a new system… and it’s time to let go of the ghost. The best part? Today’s best systems offer amazing warranties – so you can finally kiss those unexpected repair bills good-bye.
  • Overloud operation.
    Excessive noise is typically a sign of a struggling system.
  • Warm and cold spots.
    Poorly sealed ductwork and AC equipment issues can lead to uneven cooling throughout the home.
  • Humidity issues.
    Lackluster performance and improperly sized equipment can cause excessive and uncomfortable humidity levels in your home in the summer, and dryness in the winter, resulting in indoor air quality issues.
  • Your electric bill makes you cringe.
    As your home’s biggest energy user, replacing your AC will typically save 20-40% on energy bills – and even more on systems over 10 years old. The higher the SEER, the greater the savings. Current minimum SEER is 14, however 15 SEER is upcoming with 2023 federal efficiency standards.

The process of AC replacement

For the homeowner, the process of replacement is relatively simple. An Aire Serv home comfort designer will come to your home, noting necessary home features and measurements, and inspecting existing lines and ductwork to determine the proper size system with the help of a central air conditioner installation calculator. This is essential, as proper sizing and installation accounts for nearly 75% of efficiency and performance. Once you decide on an option, a convenient installation date is set, and replacement will commence. On-site technicians will take care of your home and property, ensuring safety and cleanliness throughout the process. Care is taken to disturb you as little as possible. Once completed, a technician will review the proper care and operation of your new system, as well as warranty and rebate procedures.

How it will affect your home and electricity bills?

Once your system is replaced, you should notice significant comfort improvements, including better humidity control and more precise temperature control – with the added bonus of a significantly lower bill. How much you’ll save with your new system will depend on the SEER rating of your current system, compared to that of the replacement. For detailed savings to help you compare models for you decision, take advantage of these free Energy Star calculators. Keep in mind Uncle Sam is also on your side with federal and local tax incentives, and utility program rebates can greatly enhance these savings.

Time to replace the air conditioner in your home? Contact Aire Serv today for your complimentary, no-strings-attached quote, as well as to discover available tax and energy incentives in your area.

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