Where Are My Air Filters Located?

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If you’ve recently moved or purchased a new home, you may be wondering where the HVAC air filters are located. Taking the time to change these regularly is a smart investment in the future of one of the most expensive and energy-intensive appliances in your home, improving efficiency by facilitating good airflow. It can also help safeguard the air quality in your home. Luckily, in most cases, it’s a quick and easy chore to complete – provided you can locate the filter.

Where Are My Air Filter Located?

Air filters are typically located in return air ducts/blower compartment, before the air handler. This locations facilitates the removal of debris from air before it reaches essential HVAC system components. Because there are many different styles of HVAC systems, and some homes have multiple systems, you may need to do a little detective work to locate air filters:

  • Look Up
    If you see a large vent on your ceiling, looking behind it will likely unveil your air filter.
  • Look Down
    Homes with ductwork in the crawlspace or basement often have a floor register which houses the air filter.
  • Look Side to Side
    Wall registers are common in many homes. If you find one next to a closet with a big hulking piece of machinery in it (your air handler), you’ve hit the jackpot.
  • Look… Everywhere
    If your home has an air return in each room, there’s likely an air filter behind the return grill in each room.

Air Filter Replacement Tips & Tricks

  • Furnace and air conditioner? Your systems may share the same filter – or may each have their own. In addition, your furnace will also have a removable filter located between the air intake and furnace motor that must also be replaced regularly. Inspect your home carefully to avoid a dirty filter and potential system damage.
  • If the previous air filter isn’t ancient, the air filter’s dimension should be visible along the filter perimeter. Always by the exact size filter to ensure proper flow and debris is trapped before air reaches essential HVAC components. If you can’t find the size…
  • Measure your filter. Based on ‘nominal size,’ the dimensions of each brand are different. A precise measurement will ensure proper fit.
  • You can typically purchase inexpensive, less efficient fiberglass and pleated filters from your area hardware store. However, for improved air quality, you may want to consider HEPA style replacement with improved filtration from your local HVAC professional.
  • Consider upgrading to a HEPA-style filter if you have asthma or allergies. Thicker, these filters often require airflow adjustments, so consult your local HVAC pro prior to installation to avoid system damage.
  • Install the filter with the arrows pointing toward the blower motor/system components (not toward you).
  • Change your air filter every 3-months at a minimum, monthly if you have kids or pets, to avoid the thick buildup of air filter debris that can put a strain on your system.
  • Write down the date you changed the filter on the filter itself, mark the next change on your calendar, or simply replace each time you pay your energy bill.
  • Before closing the cover, vacuum off the grill that holds the filter in place.

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