Portable Vs. Window Air Conditioners: Which Is Better?

Portable air conditioner
Central air conditioning can be expensive to install and use. Fortunately, there are alternatives if you’re looking for a permanent solution to cool your home or office. Portable and window air conditioning units are both economical and reliable solutions to make your indoor environment more comfortable in the warm summer months.

So, portable vs. window air conditioner, which is better?

It all depends on your specific needs. The size of the space you need cooled and where you’d rather have the unit installed are the major factors that go into the choice. Both portable and window AC units are extremely energy efficient and don’t require any ductwork, but they do have a few differences.

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a small self-contained unit that sits on the floor of a room and is vented through a window. Most portable AC units come with an installation kit that makes them quick and easy to set up. A small exhaust will need to be set up through a window, so you do have some limitations as to where you can place it, although most models do have wheels for easy transport from room to room. After installation, a portable AC unit just needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and you’re all set to cool. The cost to purchase a portable air conditioner will depend on the size of the unit.

What is a window air conditioner?

A window air conditioner is a small unit that is placed in a window to cool a small area or room in your home. Because part of the unit hangs outside the window, some homeowner’s associations ban or have restrictions on where you can place window units in your home, so be sure to check before purchasing one. Window AC units also can be loud, depending on the size and the model, so keep that in mind when comparing choices. Window AC units are a very inexpensive choice when it comes to interior cooling, as you can find reliable units for under $400.

How to Pick an Air Conditioner Unit That’s Right for Your Space

When it comes to AC units, size is measured in BTUs, which stands for British Thermal Unit. The more BTUs, the higher the cooling power. For most small rooms, an AC unit with between 7,000 and 10,000 BTUs is a sufficient choice. Obviously, the bigger the space, the more BTUs you’ll need.  More BTUs mean more energy use and a higher purchase price. Most units will list the square footage they’re able to cool on the packaging, so measure your space before purchasing.

Let Aire Serv Help Cool Your Home

You deserve to breathe easy. Whether you decide on a portable air conditioner or a window unit, Aire Serv is here to help you select, install, maintain and repair the cooling apparatus you choose. Schedule an appointment online or contact the Aire Serv location nearest you to learn more about our cooling services.

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