What Is Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Evaporated air conditioning unit

The summer heat can be debilitating, and so can getting your summer energy bill. Air conditioners can really rack up the electricity bills, but are there any alternatives? Homeowners looking for a more economical way to cool their home sometimes opt for an evaporative air conditioner, also known as a swamp cooler.

Swamp coolers use around 50 percent less energy than traditional ACs, and work well for the environmentally conscious homeowner, as well, since they don't use refrigerants or chemicals in the cooling process. Swamp coolers also do not require outdoor venting or ductwork, so installation and maintenance are significantly less expensive than for traditional AC units.

How Does a Swamp Cooler Work?

Cooling by evaporation is a natural process that happens all around us every day. Ever get out of the swimming pool on a hot day, and you’re dry by the time you finish your iced tea? That’s evaporative cooling: dry air passes over the water on your body and absorbs it, thus leaving you dry.

A swamp cooler uses this natural process by taking warm air from inside your home through a fan into the unit where it can then be cooled 20 degrees using damp pads. The cooled air is then circulated through your home using a fan system; an additional bonus that helps the temperature of your home feel around five degrees cooler than the actual room temperature.

Is a Swamp Cooler Right for My Home?

While installing an evaporative air conditioning unit in your home is an excellent idea if you live in a hot, dry climate, particularly in the western regions of the US, it is not recommended for the Midwest or eastern part of the country.

Despite its name, a swamp cooler does not work well in humid climates since it emits moisture into the air. An evaporation air conditioner works best in environments where there’s generally 60 percent humidity or less indoors.

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