How to Heat a Sunroom in the Cold Winter

Sunroom during winter
A sunroom is a huge asset—but if you live in a cool climate, sunroom season can be too short. Without the aid of supplemental heat, a sunroom will always live up to its other name: “3-season room.”

Read on to learn how you can enjoy your sunroom later into the fall and earlier in spring with the help of supplemental heating systems and warmth-trapping efficiency ideas.

How to Heat a 3-Season Room with Supplemental Heat Sources

Three-season rooms and sunrooms are not designed for winter use. But this changes with the addition of supplemental heating systems. While their construction often makes it makes it difficult to install HVAC ductwork, a sunroom can be heated with:

  • A high-efficiency space heater
  • An electric fireplace
  • A baseboard heater

While each appliance works a little differently (and has a different aesthetic appeal), each will allow a homeowner to heat a sunroom on-demand. However, adding a heat source is only part of the solution.

Keep reading below to learn about other upgrades you can make.

Additional Tips for Heating a 3-Season Room

Like any room in your home, the heat source is only part of the equation. There are additional updates you can make to your sunroom to make it more comfortable and more energy-efficient in the coldest months.

They include:

  • Incorporating heat-promoting items such as plush rugs, thermal window treatments, and even thick blankets.
  • Installing double- or triple-pane glass windows to keep out the winter’s cold and keep in the warmth from your home’s furnace.
  • Clearing any snow off upper windows to allow the sunshine to penetrate the room, increasing the warmth and the light.
  • Adding weather stripping to exterior doors and windows.

A More Permanent Sunroom Solution

In some cases, it’s possible for an HVAC professional, like your local Aire Serv® to install ductwork in your sunroom so it can be heated by your furnace. However, adding ductwork without adding insulation or upgrading single pane windows may significantly increase your home’s energy bills. Be sure to consult with your local Aire Serv technician before choosing to install additional ductwork in your sunroom.

Benefits of Transforming Your 3-Season Room into an All-Season Room

Turning a 3-season room into an all-season, all-weather sunroom comes with a wide range of benefits, not the least of which is that it’s not ideal to have an area of your home that you cannot use during the winter, especially if you live in an area with long winter seasons.

Creating a cozy space that is properly climate-controlled will enable you to make the most of this unique living room—even when it’s too cold to step out into the front yard.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to mood-boosting sunshine when you can’t typically get outside. You will be amazed how much the sunshine alone can warm you up and improve your mood in the depths of winter.
  • Cozier home environment
  • Ability to increase usage of the sunroom space
  • The chance to watch the snow falling from the warmth of your sunroom. (Yes, this is our favorite benefit too!)

Get Pro Advice on Sunroom Heating from Aire Serv

Don’t let another gloomy winter go by without turning your 3-season room into an all-season room. Our local experts are here to help you decide which heating solution is right for your sunroom.

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