Which Way Should a Ceiling Fan Turn in Winter?

Ceiling fan in grey room

Most homeowners consider ceiling fans a must-have appliance to combat the summer heat, but what about during the winter? It’s a lesser known fact that changing the direction of the ceiling fan in the winter is just as effective in keeping you cozy and helping you to make the most of your furnace and home energy-efficiency.

All homeowners know that heating bills can get out of control during the coldest months of the year. Each step you can take to increase energy efficiency in your home will make a difference on bill pay day.

If you’re interested in the most energy efficient ways to keep your home comfortable this winter, you might be wondering how to change ceiling fan direction when it comes time to switch from the air conditioner to the heater.

Read on to make sure you get the most out of your ceiling fan this winter for optimal comfort and energy-savings.

Summer = Counterclockwise; Winter = Clockwise

In the summer, the ceiling fan is set to spin counter-clockwise to draw warm air up and send cool air down. In the winter, the fan should spin the opposite direction: clockwise. This spin direction makes the blades create an updraft, sucking cold air up and forcing the room’s warmest air (remember, heat rises) downward toward the room’s occupants.

Clockwise ceiling fan movement naturally warms the room, enabling you to drop down the thermostat temperature without getting too cold.

How to Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Follow these three simple steps to change ceiling fan direction:

  1. Turn the fan off. (This is a great opportunity to clean the fan blades, which should be done seasonally.)
  2. Once the blades stop spinning, find the little toggle switch on the fan’s motor housing and flip it.
  3. Turn the fan back on—it should spin clockwise now.

Note: If your fan has a remote control, there should be a button that will reverse the blades’ spin direction.

The clockwise-spinning ceiling fan should allow your furnace to kick on less frequently, which can result in significant savings on your heating bill during the coldest months of the year. It all adds up! Feel free to play with your thermostat setting to see how low you can comfortably go with a little help from your ceiling fan. You may be surprised how much you can save on heat this winter.

Stay Warm This Cold Season with Help from Aire Serv

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