Air Conditioner Maintenance Schedule

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Going for a swim or eating some ice cream might cool you down for a moment, but only your home air conditioner can keep the heat at bay all summer long.

Unfortunately, like other HVAC equipment, air conditioners are not reliable if not well maintained. Read on to learn how service professionals take care of your air conditioner with our home air conditioner maintenance checklist.

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The Importance of Home Air Conditioner Maintenance

The best way to prevent an unexpected breakdown from ruining your summer fun is to follow an air conditioner maintenance schedule. Not only can regular maintenance keep the cool air flowing, but it can also save you money on your energy costs by making your air conditioner run more efficiently, as well as extending its life span.

Your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system requires routine maintenance about twice a year—once in the fall for the furnace, and once in the spring for the air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Your air conditioner should be maintained yearly. At a minimum, homeowners should replace their air filter quarterly.

Replacing the filters in your HVAC system is the most important task to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. The more you use your air conditioning (or heating) system, the more frequently you need to replace the HVAC filter.

Some tasks are best left to the experts. It’s prudent that you have a professional HVAC technician complete the following inspection steps:

  1. Clean the Coils: Dirt and dust typically accumulate on the AC’s evaporator and condenser coils, reducing airflow in the unit and their ability to absorb heat. To keep AC working efficiently, dirt and debris are carefully removed from the coils.
  2. Inspect and Unclog the Drain: Occasionally, the drain channel of your HVAC system will become clogged by the buildup of mold and algae, which must be removed.
  3. Straighten and Clean the Fins: There are aluminum fins on the AC’s evaporator and condenser coils that can easily become bent, obstructing normal airflow to your HVAC system. Straightening and cleaning the fins restores proper airflow and increases the efficiency of your system.
  4. Check and Test the Refrigerant: An HVAC professional will check to make sure that the proper amount of refrigerant is being used, and that there are no active refrigerant leaks or signs of future leaks.
  5. Check Airflow: Air flow is vital to the function of your air conditioner. Your local HVAC technician will measure the airflow through the evaporator coil, check for leaks in ductwork, and seal any leaks that are detected.
  6. Inspect Electric Controls and Terminals: Your AC unit will not function if the control board doesn’t function properly. Your HVAC technician will inspect the control board to ensure that connections are tight and operational.

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