Cooling a Room with No Windows

How to Cool a Room with No Windows

If you’ve ever been in a room without windows on a hot day, you’ll probably recall that it wasn’t a particularly pleasant place to spend free time.

A room without windows will be difficult to cool without central air conditioning for a variety of reasons including a lack of ventilation and air flow. But a room without windows or central air conditioning isn’t impossible to cool—it just requires us to think creatively! Fortunately, we’ve done the brainstorming for you.

Read on to learn how to cool a room without windows.

No Windows, No Problem: How to Cool a Room without Windows

During the heat of the summer, it’s difficult enough to cool your home. Without windows, it feels nearly impossible! Windows provide natural ventilation and airflow to any space, making them a quick fix for a hot room. And without a window, it’s difficult to use a window fan or swamp cooler to cool your space.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of our best recommendations to cool a room without windows OR an air conditioning unit. Check out our list of recommendations below from most to least intensive.

  1. Keep Appliances and Lights Off
    It should go without saying, but keeping appliances OFF when not in use or during the hottest part of the day will help decrease heat in a room. While a single appliance may not raise the temperature in a room that much, having multiple appliances switched on at the same time, giving out heat, will lead to rising temperatures in a room, particularly one without windows.If you can, switch off appliances whenever you leave a room, or at times when you know you won’t be occupying the space. Switching the lights off in a room when you leave is another practical step you can take. Not only will turning off lights help to keep a room cool, but it will also lower your energy bills and save you money.
  2. Replace Incandescent Lights
    By replacing incandescent lights with LED lights or lamps, it’s possible to slightly lower the temperature in a room. Incandescent lights give off more heat than their LED counterparts. Swapping your existing incandescent lights with LED lights will not only lower the temperature, but it’ll save you a few bucks on your electricity bill too!
  3. The Two-Fan Trick
    It’s possible to mimic natural airflow in a room without windows by using two fans at once. To cool a room with two fans, position one fan out, toward the doorway. Directly across from the first fan, position a second fan pointing upward toward the ceiling.
    The fans’ positions will help air circulate around the room and then push the air out through the doorway. By mimicking natural airflow, it’s possible to fake a breeze indoors.
  4. A Shallow Bowl of Ice + a Fan
    It sounds made up, but we promise this really works! Fill a tray or a shallow bowl with ice cubes. Position a portable fan so that it is approximately eight to twelve inches away from the bowl. Direct the fan to blow over top the ice cubes and turn it on. The fan will push air over the ice, cooling it slightly, before it is circulated throughout the room.

What About Air Conditioners for Rooms Without Windows?

Looking for a more effective solution to your warm, windowless room woes? Consider two options for more efficient cooling: one portable, and one permanent.

  • Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner
    A portable indoor air conditioner is an excellent way of keeping a room without windows crisp and fresh. A portable air conditioner works similarly to a fan but produces much colder air. Portable air conditioners pull in hot air from the room, they then condense this air and release the condensed air into the room as cool air. Most portable air conditioners are fitted with water reservoirs that help to dehumidify a room. These dehumidifying properties will help to keep a room at a comfortable temperature and will stop excess condensation from occurring while keeping the air quality in the room high.
  • Install a Through-Wall Air Conditioner
    The most invasive option on our list involves installing a through-wall air conditioner. Like other semi-permanent options, a through-wall air conditioner requires that a portion of the unit be outside—so this option will only work if your windowless unit has an exterior wall. Through-wall AC units are very efficient once installed, plus, they are permanent—allowing you to enjoy a cool room year after year.

Breathe Easy with AC Options from Aire Serv®

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