3 Air Vent Diverters that Are Worth the Investment

Close-up of floor air vent with plastic diverter.
Trying to make your HVAC system as efficient as possible this year? You may be considering installing air vent diverters around your home or office. Air vent diverters are a great way to conquer uneven heating and cooling in your home.

Get the inside scoop on the best diverters to buy and how to use them.

What Are Vent Diverters?

Air vent diverters, or deflectors, are plastic accessories that fit over the HVAC vents in your home. They work by redirecting air to the areas that need it most. Diverters can prevent uncomfortable drafts and direct air around obstacles that hinder airflow.

There are a handful of types of air vent diverters and deflectors. You can install them over floor, wall, or ceiling vents, depending on the needs of the space. We find the following three air vent diverters and deflectors to be most advantageous to homeowners:

  1. Ceiling air vent deflectors
  2. Wall air vent deflectors
  3. Floor air vent deflectors

Ceiling Air Vent Deflector

Draft driving you crazy? Ceiling vents in your home or office can blow air too directly into one part of the room. Ceiling air vent diverters come in a variety of designs, depending on how you want to redirect the air. Choose from diverters that redirect air out of a corner, focus the air straight below, or blow it horizontally along the ceiling.

Wall Air Vent Deflector

If you have an inconvenient wall air vent, consider installing a diverter that extends out of the wall. Wall air vent diverters can help the room cool more evenly by directing cool air up over the room.

Floor Air Vent Deflector

Floor air vent diverters can be placed over vents that are too close to furniture or other obstacles. Place a vent diverter under furniture to let the air escape from under a table, couch, or bed. Additionally, many older homes have floor vents directly below leaky windows, allowing a lot of heat to escape. Installing diverters to direct air into the center of the room and away from obstacles can help energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Diverters

Air vent diverters are popular for their ability to increase the comfort of a home, but also for their ability to increase the energy efficiency of a space. When air is diverted or channeled to a desired space, it allows one to more effectively cool a home. This is particularly true in older homes that present a multitude of HVAC challenges.

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