Does a Gas Furnace Need Cleaning?

Technician checking a gas furnace

Like any heating unit—boiler, heat pump, or propane furnace—your gas furnace (natural gas or propane) needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning is one step in a process that helps to safeguard against unnecessary breakdowns and helps the unit to work efficiently and effectively through the winter and year after year.

How Often Does a Gas Furnace Need to Be Cleaned?

A critical piece of home machinery and gas furnaces should be professionally maintained yearly. Furnace cleaning is typically performed as a part of an annual maintenance service, like our Total Comfort Tune-Up. During your service appointment, your technician will carefully inspect and clean the exterior of the unit and its interior components.

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How Do You Clean a Gas Furnace?

During the annual service call, each essential component of your gas furnace is assessed, disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and then reassembled for use. Your technician will make note of any problems with the unit and any parts that may need replacement. A thorough tune-up and cleaning can help to identify potential problems before they lead to a breakdown.

What Components Should Be Cleaned?

Natural gas and propane furnaces are composed of many vital parts that should be individually checked and cleaned. The important elements that should be cleaned in your gas furnace include:

  • Furnace filter: Your furnace filter traps dust, dirt, and keeps other debris from entering the furnace. It should be replaced quarterly, or every three months.
  • Blower: The blower helps move the air through your furnace. The blower assembly is next to the air filter. Your HVAC technician will clean away any accumulated dirt from the pulleys, belts, and casing.
  • Burners: A dirty furnace burner may reduce the efficiency of your unit or prevent it from producing heat. The burner in your gas furnace is where the gas mixes with air and is burned. This combustion is what allows the furnace to heat your home. If the flame is not blue, it means that the burners are dirty. Regularly cleaning a gas furnace burner helps to prevent buildup, allowing the unit to heat at full capacity.
  • Flame sensors: During the ignition process, an electric current is sent out from the flame sensor to detect the presence of heat from a flame. The flame sensor can get dirty and should be cleaned of dirt or debris to avoid misfiring or failure.

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Prioritize Annual Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning

When your furnace goes out, you’ll know! Regular maintenance and cleaning will help you to catch problems before they impact your household and help keep the air your family breathes, clean.

When you prioritize annual gas furnace maintenance and cleaning, you extend the life of your unit and give yourself peace of mind knowing that your furnace is clean and should remain fully functional through the winter.

Professional Cleaning and Service

Gas furnace maintenance is important throughout the year, but it’s especially critical during winter months when your system is working harder to keep you and your family warm. The best way to ensure your system is working properly and efficiently is to add gas furnace maintenance to your list of yearly maintenance. Reach out to your local Aire Serv to learn more about how you can make gas furnace cleaning part of a Total Comfort Tune-Up. Call us today or request an estimate online.