Residential AC unit with cover off for cleaning and maintenance.

Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

Your heating and cooling systems do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep your home at optimal temperature levels. Sometimes, they don’t receive the maintenance they need until something stops working—and by this time, many things have likely stopped working. Annual HVAC maintenance is a necessary step for catching smaller issues before they snowball into larger expenses.  

So, while sometimes there won’t be any problems to detect during annual maintenance, it’s still vital to check for problems. Plus, your HVAC systems will pay you back for that routine care by running at a healthy, full capacity for a longer period. 

Learn more about the many advantages of HVAC annual maintenance and benefit plans.  

What Is HVAC Maintenance? 

HVAC maintenance service is preventative and routine care that increases the efficiency of your systems. Typically, most HVAC maintenance services and plans involve inspecting, cleaning, and testing your systems. Then any necessary adjustments will be made.  

Depending on your system and its condition, you can expect your technician to perform some of these tasks during maintenance: 

  • Checking electrical connections, motor bearings, filters, fuel levels, and refrigerant levels 

  • Inspecting controls, ductwork, valves, fans, vents, and signs of leaks or cracks 

  • Measuring gas pressure 

  • Calibrating the thermostat 

  • Cleaning coils, drain lines, pans, pumps, etc. 

  • Testing circuit boards and safety controls 

It’s easy for many homeowners to overlook an issue with one of the many working parts of an HVAC system. That’s why a thorough, professional check-up is key. The same philosophy applies to other major appliance maintenance, so it’s worth having experienced pros in your corner!  

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important? 

When you schedule regular HVAC maintenance, your systems will get the proper attention they need to run at their highest efficiency for their longest lifespan. These are other reasons HVAC maintenance is important: 

  • It ensures warranty validation.  

  • It reduces energy costs.  

  • It improves air quality.  

  • It supports safer system operation. 

  • It prevents sequential damage to connected systems and your home.  

When properly maintained, your HVAC systems keep you safe, comfortable, and breathing easy. Being without them could be detrimental, especially during extreme weather.  

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How Often Should You Have HVAC Maintenance? 

Your AC and heating system will each benefit the most from scheduled maintenance once a year—ideally, your AC in the spring and heat in the fall. This is why most HVAC maintenance plans or packages include annual or biannual service. However, this suggestion is intended for those who have common systems and seasonal weather patterns. If you have a system that operates year-round or you live in an extreme climate, you will likely benefit from an additional yearly tune-up.  

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Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It?  

Although it may seem counterintuitive to pay for a maintenance plan rather than just as-needed service, doing so will save you more money in the long run by preventing more expensive repairs and premature system replacement. 

Additionally, having a maintenance plan allows pre-scheduled service and additional benefits (depending on provider) such as discounts, priority servicing, validating warranties, and more. Our Aire Serv Advantage Plan™ offers many of these benefits. 

Get the Most Out of Your HVAC Systems  

You don’t have to care for your HVAC systems all on your own. Aire Serv offers excellent maintenance plans, and our experienced team is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment to help keep your system operating smoothly and efficiently. For more information, or to get started with service, call us at (855) 679-0011 or request an appointment online