Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary? Debunking Myths and Revealing Benefits

We get it. Your plate is full, and if you can set aside a few of the “must-dos” on your list, it would be a relief. So, you find yourself wondering, is HVAC maintenance necessary? But it turns out — HVAC maintenance is essential to protect the expensive equipment that keeps your family comfortable and breathing clean air.

Your heating and cooling system does a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep your home at optimal temperature levels and pollutants filtered from the air. Often, it doesn’t receive the maintenance it needs until something stops working. By that time, many things can go wrong. Annual HVAC maintenance is necessary to catch small issues before they snowball into larger expenses.

Let’s explore some common myths and clarify how often an HVAC should be serviced.

Myth #1: My HVAC Is Brand New, So I Don't Need Maintenance Yet

Is HVAC maintenance necessary for new equipment? It actually is.

As air circulates through your home, it picks up dust, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens. The system filters out these pollutants to keep your indoor air clean. Regular service and filter changes prevent the accumulated contaminants from building up and blocking the airflow. When the airflow is impeded, the equipment must work harder to do the same job. This burns more energy, drives up utility bills, and causes excess wear on the equipment. HVAC maintenance is necessary to keep your system working like new and extend its functional life.

It is critical to keep your equipment warranty valid. A simple HVAC system inspection may be all you need to preserve your warranty.

Myth #2: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

While this understandably appeals to busy people, it is a self-defeating approach to HVAC maintenance. Many costly repairs are necessitated by small issues that were ignored because the system was still running. The equipment worked harder than it should have, wearing down vital components faster than usual. Along the way, accumulated dust and debris choked off the airflow, and the refrigerant ran low. Instead of getting a routine HVAC system inspection and tune-up, this Ain’t Broke/Don’t Fix approach might result in a compressor failure or blower motor burnout that could wind up costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Myth #3: Maintenance Is Just a Money Grab

Like health check-ups or routine vehicle tune-ups, HVAC maintenance provides preventative care for your system. It keeps your equipment running efficiently and catches potential problems before they grow and cause significant damage. Early intervention avoids major breakdowns, saving you money on repairs. Further, an efficient HVAC system keeps your utility bills reasonable while ensuring your family’s comfort.

Regular maintenance can save you money long-term because it helps you avoid the higher costs associated with major repairs. In addition, scheduling with a reputable and responsible HVAC company for maintenance will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job is done right.

Myth #4: Cleaning Air Filters Yourself Is Enough for Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your air filters is critical for the health and efficiency of your HVAC system. But the expensive equipment needs more than clean filters to run at peak efficiency, including:

  • Cleaned and fully connected electrical connections
  • Proper levels of coolant
  • Cleaned drain lines
  • Lubricated moving parts
  • Inspection of belts and pulleys and replacement when necessary

Our HVAC preventative maintenance checklist details the work your system needs every year to reliably perform at its best.

Myth #5: My Neighbor Never Gets Their HVAC Serviced, and Theirs Works Fine

HVAC system performance varies widely based on usage, system type, age, maintenance, and environmental factors. Since the factors that affect HVAC systems vary, it makes sense that how often your HVAC should be serviced will too. It really depends on whether you want to take a proactive approach to maintenance or wait until something happens. As mentioned, taking a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance saves you money long-term by reducing major repairs and extending the life of your system.

How Often Should HVAC Be Serviced?

Your air conditioning and heating system will each benefit from an HVAC system inspection and maintenance once a year. Ideally, you tune up the AC in the spring and the heater in the fall. This is why most HVAC maintenance plans, like the Aire Serv Advantage Plan™, include annual or biannual service. However, this suggestion is intended for those with common systems and seasonal weather patterns. If your system operates year-round or you live in an extreme climate, consider an additional yearly tune-up.

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Prevent HVAC Problems Before They Get Big!

As we have seen, the only reasonable answer to the question, “Is HVAC maintenance necessary?” is a resounding YES. Count on Aire Serv to provide the routine maintenance and comprehensive HVAC services you need.

Our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ — because the job’s not done until it’s done right!

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