Do Mini Splits Dehumidify?

Mini dehumidifier on the floor of a living room in a residential home
Mini splits offer exceptional value for heating and cooling specific areas or rooms in your home. These ductless HVAC systems are energy-efficient and easy to install, making them excellent options for many homeowners. But what if you want to control your home’s humidity levels too? Can mini splits dehumidify? The answer is yes, but you may want to know more. Keep reading to compare a dehumidifier vs. mini split to determine which best meets your home’s climate control and comfort needs.

What Is Dry Mode on a Mini Split? Does It Dehumidify?

Sometimes referred to as the mini split dehumidification mode, dry mode on a mini split pulls in warm air and recirculates it back into the room without exposing it to the device’s cooling coil. Dry mode is designed to remove humidity without changing the temperature of the space.

Here’s how dry mode on a mini split works:

  1. Humid air is pulled into the device with a fan.

  1. Air is then pulled across a cooling coil at a lower speed than the regular cooling mode.

  1. Air lingers over the coil long enough to cool, generating moisture.

  1. Moisture collects in a tank located at the base of the mini split.

  1. The dehumidified air is pushed back into the room.

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Mini Split Dry Mode vs. Dehumidifier – How Do They Differ?

A mini split in dry mode lowers humidity in a room, but is it more effective and efficient than a dedicated dehumidifier? In many cases, a whole-home or portable dehumidifier is the more efficient option and usually less expensive to purchase.

However, there are a few drawbacks to relying on a dehumidifier unit when compared to a mini split:

  • Single function. A dehumidifier has only one task; it removes humidity from the air. On the other hand, a mini split can also heat or cool an area of your home. The mini split may be the better investment if you need to achieve both goals.
  • Portable but limited. Portable dehumidifiers remove humidity from a certain square footage. That means you will have to buy multiple units or move the unit to various rooms to ensure ideal humidity levels throughout the home. Mini splits decrease humidity levels over large areas better than portable humidifiers.
  • Energy use. If you live in a warmer climate or struggle with high home humidity, you may need multiple portable dehumidifiers running for longer time periods. This means a greater increase in energy use. Portable dehumidifiers also require frequent cleaning, emptying, and placement to work effectively. Conversely, a mini split can likely accomplish this same level of humidity regulation with less units and, therefore, less overall energy use.

The most significant difference to consider between these systems is purpose. A mini split system is ideal for whole-home heating and cooling. This means if you already have a functional HVAC system, you don’t necessarily need a mini split for climate control. In this case, installing a whole-home dehumidifier to your existing system may be a better investment for humidity control. However, if you want to replace your current HVAC with a mini split system or are concerned about heating, cooling, and humidity in one or two areas of your home, a mini split unit can meet all those needs.

Whether you want help deciding the best dehumidification option for your home or are ready to schedule an installation, contact Aire Serv for expert assistance. We offer ductless split AC system installation or dehumidifier installation to maximize your home comfort.

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Keep the Humidity Under Control with Aire Serv

Did you know you should keep your home’s humidity level under 60% to reduce the risk of mold and mildew? If you are worried about moisture in your home, mini splits are a great way to reduce humidity levels while keeping the overall temperature comfortable. If you need help keeping your HVAC system running efficiently, contact your local Aire Serv professionals. Our team of trusted pros can help you with all your indoor comfort needs, from improving your indoor air quality to providing an HVAC maintenance plan that helps keep your system operating smoothly throughout the year. To get started, call us today or request an appointment online.