Don't Be Fooled By These AC Maintenance Myths

House with text: "don't be fooled: 4 AC maintenance myths"
By: Jason Lee

April brings many things: May flowers, warmer temperatures, green grass and, of course, a day of fooling. Aire Serv doesn’t want you to be fooled by air conditioning myths you may have been tricked into believing. Below is a list of four common myths homeowners are fooled by every spring.

“My thermostat is fine located anywhere in the home.”

The thermostat is designed to read the temperature from where it is located. If it is placed near a heat source or window that allows a lot of light in, the reading can be incorrect, making the thermostat turn the system on and making the house uncomfortable. Place the thermostat in a hallway away from any heat source or in direct sunlight.

“I only have to replace my air filter once a year.”

The more the HVAC system is used, the more particles the air filter will trap. If the HVAC system is used on a regular basis,the filter should be changed every 60 to 90 days . People who suffer from allergies may have to change the air filter more often , even monthly, depending on how bad the allergies get during the seasons.

“If I want to cool my home quicker, I’ll just set the temperature lower.”

This is an easy myth to explain. Air conditioners cool at a set rate. It does not matter how “cold” you set the temperature. A home set to 70 degrees will cool just as fast as a home set to 65 degrees.

“I should set my temperature to a higher degree every time I leave.”

The answer to this one is “sort of” with the key word being every. If you leave the home for an extended period of time, eight or more hours, then it is a good idea to set the temperature a little higher and back down in the evening when you return. This is an efficient way to keep the utility bill down. Since temperatures are cooler in the evening, the system does not have to work as hard to cool. But if you are in and out of the home throughout the day, it is best to keep it at one temperature.