Best Ways to Remember to Change Your Air Filter

best ways to remember to change your air filter

If clean indoor air is important to you, checking and changing the air filter should be a top priority. With so many other tasks filling your to-do list, how can you expect to remember this extra item? With the following tips, you’ll never forget to change the filter again.

When Should You Change Your Air Filter?

The first step is to establish how often you should remind yourself to check the filter. The general rule of thumb is to examine the filter once a month. If it looks dirty, replace it then and there.

If you haven’t run the air conditioner or furnace much lately, the filter might still be in good condition after just one month. Check it again next month and change it after no more than three months in use.

Remember to Change Your Air Filter

It’s all well and good to check your air filter today, but how will you remember to do it again in a month? These tips ensure your memory will never fail you.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Wi-Fi programmable thermostats offer a number of comfort-enhancing, money-saving benefits. In addition to letting you program automatic setback periods and control the temperature from anywhere using a Smartphone, Wi-Fi thermostats also offer automatic reminders and alerts.

For example, if something is malfunctioning, you may receive a text or email alert suggesting you hire a technician to perform maintenance. It can also detect when the filter is starting to restrict airflow. A “change filter” light indicates the most cost-effective time to replace the filter, removing the guesswork from the task.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

Even if you don’t have a fancy thermostat, you still have plenty of options for remembering when to change the filter. One great tip is to set a recurring event on your phone, tablet, or computer for the first day of every month (or whatever day works best for you). With no extra effort, you’ll receive an automatic reminder once a month to check your filter.

You may want to adjust the description so the alert also reminds you whether you simply checked or actually changed the filter last month. For example, if the alert reminds you to check the filter and you decide to replace it, change the reminder for next month to include the phrase “strike 1.” This will remind you it’s been one month since you changed the filter. After three strikes (i.e. three months) it’s time to change the filter no matter what.

Store a Stack of Replacement Filters in a Conspicuous Place

Avoid storing spare air filters in a location where you would never think about them. Instead, store them in the laundry room or utility closet next to the cleaning supplies so you see them on a regular basis. Buy a whole stack at a time and label them with their intended installation month. This helps keep air filter replacement near the front of your mind and allows you to quickly see if the time has come to replace the filter.

Associate Changing the Filter with Another Monthly Chore

If you can link paying your monthly utility bill with changing the filter, you’ll never forget to do one without also completing the other. Since heating and cooling bills are directly tied to the HVAC filter, these are the perfect chores to pair up.

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Remembering to change your air filter is easier than you thought! Keep on top of this chore to lower your energy bills, protect your HVAC equipment, and breathe easier. Then, for more heating and cooling tips, please contact Aire Serv® today.

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