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Getting Ready for AC Installation - Heres How It Works

Getting Ready for AC Installation? Here's How It Works

If it seems like every summer is getting hotter, you’ve come to the right place to find out what to do.

Ensuring that your AC is in tip-top shape in McKinney, Texas is as important as keeping on the lights and the water. However, all equipment has a life cycle.

More than 75% of today’s homeowners choose AC installation, according to research published by Consumer Reports. What’s more, 90% of all new homes in America have a central air conditioner.

Fortunately, today’s air conditioners and HVAC systems are more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than previous models. They cost less while keeping you cooler and more comfortable than ever before.

When it’s time to replace your HVAC system, you may wonder what to expect. Get ready for AC installation and learn how it works by continuing to read.

Are You Feeling the Heat? Repairing Versus Replacing

As time passes, cooling units lose their efficiency. As equipment ages, deteriorating equipment can lead to frequent breakdowns, resulting in expensive service visits. Once things get to this point, air conditioning replacement is your best option.

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about repairing or replacing your air conditioning or central air unit. If you decide to replace it, for instance, then you need to figure out what unit you’ll buy.

After about ten years, air conditioning systems will lose efficiency and start breaking down more frequently. If your central air unit is more than ten years old, it’s time to start planning for major repairs or complete replacement.

Some central air systems can last 10 to 15 years with the right maintenance and upkeep. However, it’s still a good idea to start planning to replace your system before it stops working altogether. With planning, you can save money to invest in a new unit when the need arises.

You should know that it’s not necessary to replace your central air unit just because it’s ten years old. Air conditioning replacement is a considerable investment. However, certain signs warrant calling a service person to run diagnostic tests to check on the status of your current central air system.

Things You Should Know About Your Central Air Unit

The most common central AC units use a split system design. This kind of system uses ducts to distribute cold air throughout your house.

The other half of the system uses a refrigerant that circulates coolant through a matching outdoor compressor made by the same manufacturer. The coolant helps to cool and dehumidify the air as it flows through the system. Also, a blower assists in the process of circulating air to the ducts.

You also need to consider refitting your ductwork. These expenses add up. Accordingly, you want to make your existing central air system last as long as possible.

You control your entire central air system using a thermostat. You may remember the time-tested thermostats that look almost like a clock.

However, this kind of analog thermostat is becoming extinct, like its rectangular cousin. Now, thermostats have gone digital. You can even connect some to your smartphone and control it from any place where you can access the internet.

Understanding What's in the Box

These components work together to transfer hot air from inside your house to the outside. Outside, the evaporator in your central air unit removes heat and humidity from the air using refrigerant.

The blower that circulates air in the ducts also resides in the outdoor unit. The condenser in your central air conditioner releases collected heat into the atmosphere.

The compressor in your central air unit helps to move the refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser. The unit’s fan blows air over the condenser to keep it cool.

There’s also a filter in your central air conditioner that removes particles from the air. In the unit, the thermostat-controlled system regulates the cold air that it distributes through your home.

If you’re investing in a new central air unit, your contractor should make sure that your duct system can meet your cooling needs. HVAC contractors follow guidelines established by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America to estimate the load required to cool your home.

If you already have ductwork installed in your home, you may save on some of the cost of replacing your central air system. However, there’s no guarantee that your existing ductwork is the right size for the new unit. A contractor must figure out if the current duct system is adequate for moving enough cold air through your home.

Sizing Up Central AC Units

There are several things you should think about when looking at a new air conditioning unit. For instance, you need to know if a unit has sufficient cooling capacity.

With air conditioning systems, manufacturers measure cooling capacity using thermal units per hour. The Energy Star website provides a detailed explanation about how to assess cooling capacity.

You can also learn about energy efficiency from the Energy Star website. There, the site will explain to you how to determine the seasonal energy-efficiency rating (SEER).

Today, the government mandates that manufacturers produce split-system central air systems with a minimum SEER rating of 14. The higher the SEER rating, the less you will pay to operate the system.

You should also look into the maintenance plans of various central air units. Additionally, look for advanced features. As an example, a programmable thermostat can help you to reduce cooling costs by around 10%.

Don’t make the mistake of simply installing the same sized central air system to replace your old one. Over time, manufacturers have made improvements in home energy efficiency. These improvements include better windows and insulation that may have reduced your cooling needs.

Alternatively, you may have made additions to your home, such as a second floor. In this instance, you may need a more extensive system.

A contractor can determine if they need to resize your ducts. On the other hand, they may decide to reseal and insulate them or replace the ducts altogether.

Finding a Great Contractor for AC Installation in McKinney, Texas

Buying a central air system is a considerable investment. You must choose the right contractor to make sure your AC installation is done right. This is done by taking the time to find a trusted licensed, and insured contractor to install one of the most critical systems in your home.

Begin your search for a new contractor by asking around. For example, speak to your friends and family members and even local business owners. Once you narrow down your choices, ask for quotes from a minimum of three contractors.

As you get closer to making a decision, start checking contractor backgrounds. Make sure that your potential HVAC contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Also, check the Better Business Bureau website for any information about a potential contractor. You should also check if organizations that work to promote HVAC service persons' excellence has certified an air conditioning service provider.

Contractors that win these kinds of awards are the best in their field. Accordingly, it makes sense to hire a contractor that’s backed by an accredited organization.

Also, ask a potential air conditioning service about employee training. It’s vital to hire technicians who understand how to work with the latest equipment that can help cool your home efficiently.

Any contractor who bids on replacing your air conditioning system should calculate cooling requirements using industry-standard methods. The methods include providing a detailed analysis of the cooling needs for each room in your house.

Ask the potential contractor for a printout of all calculations and assessments. Make sure that this information includes the plans for the ductwork design.

Stay away from contractors that use guesswork to estimate the new equipment that you need in your home. This kind of contractor uses shortcuts that will most likely yield undesirable results.

The Big Day! What to Expect During AC Installation

Installing a new AC system is a significant event. It’s helpful to understand beforehand what’s going to happen from start to finish during an AC installation service.

Before you hire a contractor, they should have measured the square footage of your home. A competent air conditioning system contractor needs this information to determine the size of the unit required to cool your home efficiently.

During their assessment, a skilled HVAC contractor may also make additional recommendations. As an example, they may suggest upgrading your attic or crawl space insulation. They may also recommend resealing your windows and doors and repairing any breaches in your home’s exterior.

Usually, it takes a contractor between eight and 14 hours to install a new air conditioning system. The contractor should provide you with this information before the job starts.

Before the job begins, an exceptional contractor will give you an estimated timeline for installation. An experienced contractor can give you this estimate based on previous projects and their evaluation of your home.

Teamwork Can Make the Job Go Faster

The contractor must also prep the area for the installation. For example, they’ll need to clear the site where they’ll install the new AC system. This task may include removing branches, garden hoses and patio furniture.

You can, however, help with this part of the job. It’s a good idea to clear any potential work area inside and outside of the house. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll help out the contractor and make the job go faster.

Also, make sure that contractors have room to enter and exit your property. For example, keep your driveway clear so that workers can move equipment in and out of your home.

Tip: It’s a good practice to keep the contractors and your pets safe by making sure animals are stowed away before the installation team arrives.

The contractor must also prepare the inside of your home. Workers will protect all flooring and work areas with drop cloths.

They will also make sure that there’s no furniture in the area that they might damage. This point highlights another reason why it’s a good idea to help with preparing the work area. You can make sure that certain pieces of furniture or belongings are safely removed from the work area to make sure the contractor doesn’t damage them by mistake.

Helpful Tips for McKinney Homeowners

When you’re replacing a central air conditioning system, you should also consider installing ceiling fans if you don’t already have them. They do more than make your home look beautiful. Ceiling fans can help you keep your home from 3° to 4° cooler.

If you choose to install ceiling fans, make sure that they’re rotating in the right direction. Set your fans to rotate counterclockwise to push cold air down in the summer.

Ceiling fans are one of several great ways to give your air conditioning system a boost. If you take care of your air conditioning system, it will take care of you.

Once the contractor installs your new air conditioning system, make sure to schedule regular maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule a service visit each year before the summer season starts.

Cooling systems get dirty. Dirt can build up on the evaporator coils, making your cooling unit work harder.

When your cooling unit works harder, it generates more heat. This excess heat can place a strain on your electrical system and wear out your equipment.

Also, make sure to change the air filter as needed. A service technician can make sure that you don’t overtax your system. They will also make sure that your filters perform as desired.

Count on Us to Help You Beat the Heat

Nothing’s worse than coming home after a hard day to a home air conditioner system that’s performing poorly. Even worse, you may work from home and have to sit in a hot, humid room all day long.

The performance of your HVAC system directly contributes to your quality of life. If your air conditioning system isn’t working right, it’s a good idea to consider a new AC system installation.

You can trust Aire Serv of McKinney to bring your central air conditioning system back to life with a new AC installation. Call 972-694-1716 to get started or visit us online to schedule an appointment.