Reliable Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX

Your furnace may not be the superstar of your HVAC system—that place of honor is probably reserved for your hard-working air conditioner. But that doesn't mean your heating system is unimportant. When those cold winter days arrive and the temperature outside dips down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to know that your heater is in good condition and ready to keep your household cozy and warm throughout the entire heating season, which means investing in the occasional furnace repair in McKinney, TX. You don't need to worry about keeping the heat running with an experienced McKinney HVAC service professional on your side.  

From a busted thermostat to a clogged filter, there are many potential issues with your heating unit that could make your McKinney home a lot less comfortable, not to mention cost you extra on your monthly utility bills. You can save a significant amount of money with professional McKinney furnace repair services, and that's obviously a good thing—but greater indoor comfort in your home is priceless.

Have you noticed signs you need furnace repair in McKinney, TX? You can get your peace of mind back and ensure that your household isn't left out in the cold this winter by calling the team of HVAC professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney. We have extensive experience installing, maintaining and repairing heaters and other HVAC systems in McKinney, and we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service on every job.

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Our Expert McKinney Furnace Repair Services

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Your furnace is absolutely essential for the comfort and safety of your household all winter long, so it's important to make sure it's in excellent condition. Like any other complex machine or appliance that operates for long periods of time and has plenty of moving parts, it's prone to suffer from wear and tear damage that will eventually require professional furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Residential and commercial property owners alike can rely on our experienced service providers to restore their systems to perfect working order.

We'll get to your property on time for your scheduled appointment, dressed in uniform, so you know who you're dealing with. We'll then complete a thorough inspection and assessment of your unit and clearly explain the issue and what we recommend to get it resolved. Next, we will answer any questions you may have and give you an upfront cost for the work so you can decide the best course of action for your property and household when it comes to furnace repair in McKinney, TX. You can rely on us to fix a broad range of issues with furnaces—if it can be repaired, we'll repair it! Our approach will, of course, depend on the nature of the problem, but we have experience with both minor and major issues. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners call us for McKinney furnace repair are:

  • Strange noises coming from air ducts or the unit itself, such as rattling, banging, thumping or grinding
  • Your unit doesn't turn on or doesn't turn off
  • You have hot and cold air zones in your house because the system isn't distributing warm air evenly
  • There are strange smells, such as rotting or musty smells, coming from your heat registers
  • There is excessive dust on the surfaces in your house or visible dust floating in the air and lowering the indoor air quality

Aire Serv is Your Best Choice for Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX

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When cold winter winds are blowing, and your heating system isn't working correctly, you need to know who you can call for fast, reliable, trustworthy service from an experienced professional. When calling Aire Serv for McKinney furnace repair, you get all that and more. We only hire the best, and that's why we stand behind our team of service professionals with guarantees on workmanship, performance and parts.

We are experienced with furnace repair, installation, and replacement, along with other HVAC services for your heat pump, air conditioning system, or other HVAC systems such as air duct cleaning, AC repair service, and more. The service professionals at Aire Serv know how to get your system running smoothly again when it comes to HVAC services, such as furnace repair in McKinney, TX.

24-Hour Emergency McKinney Furnace Repair Service

If your system breaks down and you need heating repair in the middle of the night or during a holiday, there's no need to worry! Our emergency service team is standing by to provide 24/7 furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Local homeowners and business owners, call us at any time of the day or night, and we'll be there to restore your home to a comfortable condition with dependable emergency repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX

It's important for local property owners to have the information they need about furnace repair and other HVAC services so they can make an informed decision about the care of their residential or commercial property. Interested in learning more about our dependable services, such as furnace repair in McKinney, TX? Give us a call to chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff and get all their questions answered, or check out our responses to some common questions below.

What Are the Common Problems That Require Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX?

You may be wondering if you actually have a problem that needs professional furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Homeowners often assume their heating system can just keep limping along for another season, but that's often not the case. Symptoms of trouble may not seem catastrophic, but they are early warnings that a breakdown is on the way.

It is more cost-effective to get repair and preventive maintenance service now than to deal with a replacement for a unit that wasn't maintained properly. Here is our expert advice on some of the wide range of indications that you need an appointment for McKinney furnace repair:

Increased Energy Costs: Have you noticed that your heating bill seems higher than usual for normal furnace usage? This is often one of the first glaring signs of a struggling system that needs furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Heating units use a considerable amount of fuel to provide enough thermal energy to heat an entire house, so heating and cooling costs from your HVAC system are likely already the most expensive charges on your monthly utility bill. But over time, your system suffers wear and tear, especially on moving parts, and becomes dirty and clogged with grime. That causes it to lose energy efficiency, which means it needs to use more and more fuel in exchange for the same amount of thermal energy. A professional HVAC repair service can restore it to a much more energy efficient operation, which will reduce your energy costs and save you money in the long run.

Malfunctioning Thermostat: So many issues with your HVAC system circle right back to a broken or malfunctioning thermostat. The thermostat is like the "brain" of your system. It gives instructions to your heater unit, telling it when to turn on or off. So if it breaks, you think something is severely wrong with your heating system—but then it turns out your heater is doing just fine, and the culprit was your thermostat all along. This can be irritating, but it is actually a good thing because it doesn't require an extensive or invasive furnace repair in McKinney, TX. The experienced professionals on our team can usually get the heat back up and running with a thermostat replacement, which is simple and inexpensive compared to replacing the furnace itself.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out: If your pilot light is out, your unit will not be able to turn on. Sometimes, a random air draft from something like a slamming door can cause your pilot light to go out, but when that happens, it can usually just be relit, and the system will be back to its normal function. If the pilot light keeps going out repeatedly for seemingly no reason, you are dealing with a more serious issue that requires attention from a McKinney furnace repair professional.

Dirty Air Filter: If your heater won't turn on at all—or won't turn off, no matter how many buttons you press on your thermostat—or you have noticed an excessive amount of dust on the surfaces in your home even though you clean regularly, your furnace filter might be the culprit that needs furnace repair in McKinney, TX. You may be able to solve the problem yourself by swapping out the filter, but if they have not been changed in a long time, dirty filters can deteriorate and get caught up in the mechanical parts of your system. In that situation, you need professional help to get everything untangled and back to good operating condition.

Yellow Burner Flame: Next time your heating unit fires up, take a look at the color of the flame. It should be mostly blue. If you're seeing a mostly yellow flame, it is generally an indication that you have dirty burners. A good cleaning should solve the problem and help your furnace burners—along with the rest of the unit—run more efficiently.

Blower Fan is Always Running: Your blower fan is the part of the unit that pushes hot air into the ductwork so it can be carried around your house, and it has a fan limit switch that turns the fan off when it's not needed. If you've noticed that the fan is constantly on, it is likely a problem with a fan limit switch that needs furnace repair in McKinney, TX. You should be aware that it could also be related to the furnace blower motor or blower compartment.

Ductwork is Leaking Air: Does your home never feel as warm as you'd like it to, even when you crank up the thermostat? Or have you noticed that one room might be baking hot while another is icy cold? Inadequate and uneven heating can be caused by leaky ducts. If there's a hole or crack somewhere in the ductwork, it disrupts the flow of air, and the system can't get enough warmth to certain parts of the building. That's clearly unpleasant because it means your house is not at the level of indoor comfort you would prefer until you get furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Households with this problem are also losing a lot of money on their monthly energy bills because they are paying to heat the inside of the walls.

Faulty Thermocouple: Gas furnaces have a component called a thermocouple. If your pilot light goes out, the thermocouple turns off the gas valve, which is an important function to prevent gas from seeping into your home. But if there's an issue with the thermocouple, the flame sensor may not be able to detect the pilot light when it is burning, and that's a clear sign that it needs furnace repair in McKinney, TX. You will want to get this taken care of right away because otherwise, it will keep shutting off the gas valve and preventing the unit from getting the fuel it needs to operate.

Problem with the Circuit Breaker: If your system seems to be completely dead and won't turn on at all, check the circuit breaker box. Even a gas furnace has electrical components, so they can't operate without electricity. Take a look at the breakers and make sure all the switches labeled "HVAC" are in the on position so you can rule that out as a possible cause of malfunction before you call your local McKinney furnace repair professional.

Do I Need Furnace Repair, or Should I Get a Furnace Replacement?

That age-old question really boils down to two key considerations: the age of the unit and the extent of the damage. If your unit is only a few years old and experiencing a problem that calls for McKinney furnace repair, Aire Serv professionals can likely get it back up and running for many more years of service. But if it's more than 15 years old and giving you trouble, furnace replacement may be the more cost-effective option. That's because, at that age, parts will continue to fail, and you will need repeated repairs until you eventually get it replaced. It would be less costly in the long run to just get it replaced to begin with.  

How Long Does a Furnace Last in McKinney?

You can generally expect a heater to last around 15 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced. However, there are some factors that can affect that time frame. Because the climate is warmer here in Texas, you likely only use your heating unit in the winter, and that may extend its life expectancy a bit. When the unit was manufactured and installed also matters, but the biggest factor that predicts how long your system will last is how much maintenance it receives over the years. Professional, routine maintenance and McKinney furnace repair services really go a long way toward keeping your unit functioning efficiently for as long as possible.

What Color Should My Furnace's Pilot Light Flame Be?

If your furnace runs on natural gas, it has a pilot light. If you aren't used to gas appliances such as ranges, it may be surprising when you take a look at your pilot flame and see that it's mostly blue in color, with a few licks of orange or yellow. That is actually totally normal and what you want to see because it shows you that the pilot light has adequate oxygen to combust the fuel that powers your unit. On the other hand, if you check on the pilot flame and see that it's mostly yellow or orange, that's not such a good sign. This can mean that there's inadequate air flow or that the burner is dirty and causing unnecessary wear and tear damage. Either way, the issue should be addressed by your local McKinney furnace repair experts before it turns into a bigger problem.

How Long Does It Take for Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX?

The length of time you can expect your McKinney furnace repair to take will depend on factors like the type of furnace, the size of your home or building, and the complexity of the furnace repair. Larger homes with more extensive ventilation systems will take longer to inspect and troubleshoot, but a simpler task, such as changing an air filter, can be completed quickly. It all depends on what we find during your initial inspection, but you can generally expect furnace repair to take anywhere from one to four hours. Replacement and installation services, on the other hand, can take up to an entire day.  

How Frequently Do I Need to Change My Furnace Filter?

Staying on top of the simple task of changing furnace filters is a key maintenance requirement because a dirty air filter can cause big problems for the indoor air quality in your home. If neglected long enough, dirty filters can increase allergy suffering and lead to respiratory discomfort, not to mention leaving dust everywhere. Fortunately, changing a furnace filter is easy and only takes a couple of minutes—for most units, you just have to pull out the old filter and slot a new one into place. 

The frequency at which furnace filters need to be swapped out varies depending on the thickness of the filter your specific furnace model requires. In most cases, they need to be changed every six or 12 months, but thinner filters need to be changed every three months. If you're not sure how often to change your filter, check the manufacturer's guide or consult with our team about furnace repair in McKinney, TX.

Do Gas Furnaces Need Annual Furnace Repair and Maintenance?

Furnaces can really benefit from an annual tune-up regardless of whether they're gas or electric, but if you have a natural gas furnace, there is a safety reason to take extra caution with annual furnace maintenance and furnace repair in McKinney, TX. Houses with a damaged ventilation system or deteriorated furnace units are at risk for carbon monoxide leaks. This odorless, colorless gas is toxic and will seriously sicken anyone who inhales it in large quantities.

Annual maintenance gives your furnace service professional a chance to notice and correct smaller problems that could turn into much bigger issues. If you have a gas furnace, it's also important to have functioning carbon monoxide detectors installed on every level of your home, especially near sleeping areas.

Do You Need Furnace Repair in McKinney, TX? Our Experts Can Keep Your Home Cozy All Winter Long

Whether you are in McKinney or a nearby community such as Prosper, Celina or Melissa, you can trust the team of heating professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney for expert residential and commercial furnace repair in McKinney, TX. The professionals on our team are proud to provide customer care that goes above and beyond.

Pick up your phone and get in touch with us today to schedule a quality service appointment for furnace repair or find out more about our dependable heating repair and heater replacement services.

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