Reliable Wylie HVAC Services

When you live in Wylie, North Texas, you are already familiar with our unpredictable climate and know how important it is to have dependable HVAC. Wylie, TX technicians at Aire Serv of McKinney are dedicated to providing high-quality maintenance and repair services that go above and beyond to ensure our local community is safe and comfortable.

Our expert Wylie HVAC service professionals are all highly-trained and experienced service providers who are familiar with common HVAC issues. When you need trusted furnace services or AC repairs in Wylie, TX, our team of skilled technicians have you covered.

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AC Repair in Wylie, TX

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Having air conditioning in your home is not only a luxury, it’s also a requirement that ensures you’re safe. Heat-related deaths occur every year and affect the elderly, children, and everyone with serious medical conditions. Though our bodies are made to adapt to temperature changes, we need a balanced temperature to function and stay healthy. Air conditioners—whether central systems or ducted splits—they are essential to have in every property. Any type of warning sign needs to be addressed immediately because air conditioners tend to deteriorate and even cause health hazards if certain issues aren’t fixed. Do you suspect you need AC repair in Wylie? If so, call your local team of Wylie HVAC professionals when you notice the following warning signs:

  • It blows warm air (low refrigerant level, clogged condenser coil)
  • Unit doesn’t turn on (tripped breaker)
  • Strange smells that indicate a refrigerant leak
  • Humming sounds
  • Ice on outdoor unit
  • Increased indoor humidity
  • Leaks at bottom of unit
  • High energy bills

Commercial AC Maintenance

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Besides at home, you count on public and commercial settings to have working air conditioning systems. If you are a business owner or a building manager, you will be responsible for maintenance and repairs. That may sound like a lot of responsibility, but it can be easily managed if you take the necessary steps to arrange annual checkups. This way, you will not only help maintain a balanced temperature in your workspace, but you’ll also get peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit won’t be a concern this season.

Benefits of Hiring a Wylie HVAC Professional for AC Maintenance

Disruptions in your business can cause profit loss, decreased productivity, and even compromise everybody’s safety. When you need serious AC repairs in Wylie, you may have to send everybody home because your staff can’t focus—all thanks to a failed HVAC. Wylie, TX businesses that schedule routine maintenance services for their air conditioning can expect the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: Minimize needs for repairs and a potential replacement
  • Increased productivity: As long as there are no disruptions caused by temperature fluctuations, your employees will be more productive and focused, and more likely to bring results
  • Protect AC’s lifespan: If your air conditioning system hasn’t even made it to 5 years yet, it’s important to keep up with maintenance so it continues to operate smoothly. This way, it will more likely meet its life expectancy.

Your qualified Wylie HVAC professional takes the necessary steps to perform a system diagnostics check, inspect the unit for ductwork leaks, and insufficient refrigerant levels. The sooner minor issues are addressed, the less likely you’ll be dealing with costly repairs in the future.

Furnace Service in Wylie TX

It’s true that the people of North Texas have always worried more about the heat and high humidity levels, but residents of Wylie have started taking winter more seriously even though it’s short. When hiring our furnace services, homeowners can count on our excellent maintenance, installation and repair services to prepare their home for the winter months.

What is Included With Furnace Service in Wylie, TX?

Whether you have a gas, electric, or oil-based furnace, our service professionals bring the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure your property is warm and comfortable when the cold wave is around the corner.

  • Routine service maintenance and inspections
  • Installation and replacement
  • Repairs

During a furnace tune-up, you can expect your local Wylie HVAC technician to ensure your furnace is in good working order and delivering optimal performance. However, there is more to simply replacing your air filter every other month. There are also various safety checks and test controls that should be done as part of preventive maintenance. To minimize issues concerning their HVAC, Wylie TX homeowners can rely on our expert team to also clear their furnace’s interior, as well as inspect electrical wiring, gas fitting, and burner. If your unit has already made it past ten years and is finally showing signs of deterioration, our Wylie HVAC team will likely recommend a furnace replacement.

What Other Heating Systems Are Popular in Texas?

Besides the traditional furnace, residential and commercial property owners are also partial to heat pumps, which have gained popularity in recent years. There are two types of heat pump systems that are commonly installed in properties:

  • Air-Source: These units transfer heat between your home and the air outside.
  • Geothermal: Geothermal units transfer heat between your home and the ground and are considered the most energy-efficient option. You will have better control over your energy usage and even reduce it by 30%.

Although heat pump installations come with a slightly higher upfront cost, you will eventually end up saving more money down the road. Feel free to contact your Wylie HVAC pro for a consultation appointment! We’ll help you lower your heating and cooling costs, so you have the upper hand over your HVAC.

Need AC Repair in Wylie, TX?

Every property owner in North Texas needs reliable, functioning HVAC. Wylie, TX homeowners that are equipped with high-performing heating and cooling systems have put their trust in the excellent technicians at Aire Serv of McKinney.

Call 972-694-1716 to schedule an appointment with Aire Serv of McKinney. With our reliable services and superior customer service, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, providing efficient HVAC repair services to locals of Wylie and many other areas near McKinney, such as PlanoProsper, and Melissa.