Reliable McKinney Emergency HVAC Service

You wake up in the middle of the night and realize you're drenched with sweat because your air conditioner stopped working in the heat of summer in McKinney, TX. Or, you're getting ready for a winter holiday with friends and family—but right before everyone is about to arrive, you notice your heater isn't working properly and the house is uncomfortably cold.

Those unpleasant situations and many more call for immediate, skilled McKinney emergency HVAC service to restore indoor comfort for your entire household.

Any time your HVAC isn't functioning correctly, it's a stressful and frustrating experience—but it can feel ten times worse when it happens after business hours or during a holiday. HVAC service is a specialized skill that takes a lot of training and practice to master, so it's not something every homeowner can simply handle on their own. Fortunately, there's no need for McKinney residents to struggle alone.

The experienced team of service professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney are standing by 24 hours per day, seven days per week to get your heater or air conditioner back in perfect working order. Call on your local McKinney HVAC professional any time of the day or night and we'll be at your door with a smile as soon as possible to resolve your temperature issues, making your home comfortable and livable again.

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Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Service in McKinney, TX

When it's time for emergency service, sometimes McKinney homeowners are reluctant to call because they're not sure if what they are experiencing qualifies as an HVAC emergency. Or, the problem starts small and gets progressively worse over time so homeowners don't realize how bad it truly is until there's a catastrophic problem that they can't help but notice.

If you're aware of some of the potential signs that your home is in desperate need of McKinney emergency HVAC service, you can call to get it fixed right away—even in the middle of the night or during a holiday weekend—so you don't have to keep shivering or sweltering. Here are a few red flags that indicate you should call Aire Serv for professional service:

HVAC Won't Turn On—Or Won't Turn Off

If your HVAC system won't turn on at all, that's clearly a major issue. While there may be some places in the world where air conditioning is an afterthought that isn't all that important, Texas is not one of those places. Having access to adequate temperature control, whether it's summer or winter, is critical for not only comfort, but survival.

In the same sense, if your HVAC doesn't turn off that can be just as bad. The system is supposed to turn on when needed and turn off when the temperature in your home reaches the desired level, so if it never turns off, your house will be freezing cold or boiling hot—and you'll be racking up excessively high charges on your monthly energy bills. Learn more about HVAC energy usage with our tips to avoid costly heating and cooling in McKinney, TX.

These issues can be related to extremely dirty air ducts or a serious malfunction in the system, but more often than not the culprit is actually a faulty thermostat. Your thermostat sends signals to the system, telling it when to turn on or off. If the thermostat isn't working properly, the system won't “know” what to do. As annoying as this is, it's actually good news—your emergency HVAC professional can simply replace the thermostat, which is an inexpensive part, and everything should quickly get back to normal.

System is Rapid Cycling

We mentioned above that your HVAC system should turn on when it's needed to raise or lower the temperature in your house, and turn off once it achieves the temperature you have set on your thermostat. That's the most energy efficient way for it to operate because it can get a break and stop using fuel while the house is at the right indoor comfort level. If you've noticed that it seems to be constantly turning on, operating for a short burst, then turning off—only to turn back on again shortly after, that's a problem.

It's called short or rapid cycling, and while it may not be affecting the livability of your home, it is increasing your energy costs and causing unnecessary wear and tear to your system. This may not seem like the most serious McKinney emergency HVAC situation, but it is something that needs to be taken care of right away before it causes more severe damage to your system.

Strange Noises

Are you hearing odd noises coming from your ducts or HVAC units themselves, such as loud banging, hissing, clanking, grinding, gurgling, squealing or screeching? Or, unusually loud buzzing or humming noises? A forced-air system like a central HVAC set-up isn't going to be 100% silent because you'll hear the sound of moving air, but it shouldn't be making noticeably loud or strange sounds. There's a large number of reasons why this could be happening, depending on the sound and where exactly it is coming from, but you should get it checked out right away because it could be a sign of a serious impending failure or breakdown.

Unpleasant Smells From Air Ducts

What's that gross smell? If you notice a musty odor coming from your vents, it could be related to mold or mildew growth inside the ductwork, or an excessive build-up of dust and debris. Needless to say, that severely lowers the indoor air quality in your McKinney home and can pose a threat to the health of your family. If the smell is more like a decaying, rotting odor, the problem is likely being caused by a pest such as a rat or mouse that crawled into the duct and died. Either way, it needs to be taken care of immediately with McKinney emergency HVAC service.

AC Unit Is Leaking Fluid or Iced Over

It's important to regularly check your compressor, which is the outdoor unit for your air conditioner and heat pump. If you notice ice forming on the outside of the unit, that's not good—it should be providing cool air to your house, not encasing itself in a block of ice. Or, you may notice fluid leaking from either the compressor unit or the indoor evaporator unit. While it's likely water, you can't ignore the possibility that it's leaking refrigerant. It's dangerous and very toxic to touch or inhale refrigerant, so if you do suspect a refrigerant leak, don't go near it. Instead, call your local McKinney emergency HVAC service professional to take care of it safely and efficiently.

HVAC Is Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breaker frequently trips when your furnace or air conditioner turns on, something's not right. It's likely an electrical malfunction with your system, though it's possible it's related to the electrical panel itself. Regardless, it needs professional attention right away. A neglected electrical problem can create a major fire hazard that threatens both your home and the members of your household.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Was Triggered

If you have a furnace that is powered by natural gas, it is critically important that you have carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home, especially near sleeping areas. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless gas produced by the combustion process that occurs when heaters use natural gas as fuel. It is extremely harmful and even fatal when it's inhaled in large quantities, and it can leak from exhaust lines or connections that have deteriorated or been damaged. It’s also possible for natural gas itself to leak from damaged supply lines.

Both carbon monoxide and natural gas are naturally odorless. Natural gas commonly has a sulfur-like smell added to it so it's easier to detect if there's a leak, but carbon monoxide does not, which is why it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector.

If your carbon monoxide alarms are triggered or you smell a rotten egg sulfur odor and suspect a leak, you need to open the windows in your house and immediately remove all people and pets from the building until your system can be thoroughly checked out by an HVAC emergency service professional.

Aire Serv is the Best Choice for Trusted McKinney Emergency HVAC Service

When you're experiencing a serious problem with your HVAC system, you need emergency heating repair or emergency air conditioning service right away—not in a few days or a week. That's why our team of experienced HVAC service professionals is available around the clock, 365 days of the year. We pride ourselves on always delivering the highest standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service to put your mind at ease and get your HVAC system back to fully functioning condition.

No Overtime Fees

If you're concerned that emergency ac repair or heater repair won't work for your budget, don't worry. We always charge an upfront, flat rate with no overtime fees or hidden charges. You'll know exactly how much your McKinney emergency HVAC service is going to cost before we begin the work, and our prices are exactly the same at midnight as they are at noon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency HVAC, McKinney, TX

Are you interested in finding out more about McKinney emergency HVAC service or our other skilled services? Just call us up and speak with our knowledgeable staff to get answers to all your questions about emergency air conditioner repair and heating repair, or check out our responses to some common questions below.

What Is Considered an HVAC Emergency in McKinney?

Some people are reluctant to call for emergency service because they're not sure if the problem with their system really qualifies as an emergency. In our opinion, if your system is giving you trouble and your home is less than optimally comfortable, you are completely justified in calling for McKinney emergency HVAC service. You need your system to function properly so it can keep your home at the perfect temperature—that's what it's there for, after all! If you're not satisfied with the indoor comfort of your home, you can contact us any time of the day or night for professional HVAC repair.

What Caused the Need for Emergency HVAC Service?

We won't know what caused the problem with your specific cooling or heating system until we've had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate it in person, but there are some common causes that account for the majority of emergency HVAC calls in McKinney, TX. That includes factors such as:

  • No maintenance, or inadequate preventative maintenance
  • An inexperienced or rushed installation
  • The system is just plain old and outdated—they don't last forever and will eventually need replacement to avoid a catastrophic breakdown

How Long Do HVAC Units Last in Texas?

In Texas, HVAC systems get a lot of use—especially the air conditioner side. Generally speaking, you can expect your system to go about 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced, but there are factors that can lengthen or shorten it's expected lifespan. Those factors include:

  • How much maintenance it receives over the years
  • How frequently it is used
  • Whether it was installed correctly to begin with
  • The overall energy efficiency of your home

That being said, the best way to keep your entire HVAC system functioning well for as long as possible and avoid early heater or air conditioning replacement is a preventative maintenance plan.

How Long Does Emergency HVAC Service Take?

That depends entirely on what needs to be done. Depending on the problem and the necessary solution, repairs could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Since we always charge an upfront, flat rate, you don't have to worry that our service professionals will drag the job out unnecessarily to artificially inflate the bill. We have the skill and training to work efficiently and get the job done as quickly as possible, while still taking the time needed to make sure we're providing the best workmanship.

Don't Wait Any Longer For McKinney Emergency HVAC Service—Call the Professionals at Aire Serv!

Residents of McKinney, TX need to be able to use their HVAC system year-round for a comfortable, livable home. If your system isn't operating properly—even if it's during the night or in the middle of a holiday long weekend—you can rely on the team of professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney for quality service that goes above and beyond.

Pick up the phone and give us a call to get McKinney emergency HVAC service or schedule an appointment at a convenient time, and find out more about why we're considered McKinney's most reliable emergency HVAC service professionals.

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