In McKinney—and everywhere else in Texas—the air conditioner is king. It's everyone's favorite home system because it's the one we absolutely can't do without when summer hits. Despite that, an air conditioning unit is often taken for granted. As long as their unit is limping along and (sort of) getting the job done, it doesn't occur to most homeowners that they may need McKinney AC repair service.

But if your unit is showing signs of trouble, the problem isn't going to just go away on its own. It'll continue to worsen over time until it gets to the point where it breaks down entirely, and you can't get any relief from the heat and humidity. An air conditioner that has been neglected and allowed to deteriorate without any McKinney AC repair or regular maintenance service can also cause damage to your property or even create a hazard that threatens the health of your family. If you are aware of the signs that indicate something's not right, you can get the help you need from a qualified McKinney AC repair professional before the problem spirals into a much bigger headache.

If you notice indications that your air conditioner isn't functioning as well as it once did, count on your local McKinney HVAC service professionals to get it back up and running perfectly again. The team of service professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney have plenty of experience and training with AC repair. McKinney, TX residents and those in nearby communities in our North Dallas service areas can rely on us to take care of their HVAC system from top to bottom. We are proud to provide the highest standards of excellent customer service and experienced workmanship.

Our Reliable McKinney AC Repair Services

If you've noticed some telltale signs that indicate it's time for AC repair, McKinney, TX HVAC professionals at Aire Serv have the skill and know-how to get your unit running smoothly again to ensure your household's indoor comfort. By making your unit operate more efficiently, we may even be able to increase your energy savings on your utility bill.

When it comes to AC repair, McKinney, TX residents are sometimes unsure of whether their unit needs air conditioning repair service in the first place. Here are some of the most common symptoms that indicate your system needs McKinney AC repair help.

Won’t Turn On

If your AC system doesn't turn on at all, you won’t need us to tell you that there's a problem—but what exactly is causing it? Quite often, your cooling unit isn't actually to blame. It could be that a circuit breaker has tripped on your electrical panel or faulty electrical wiring. It's also possible that the system became overheated because it's not getting adequate ventilation and shut itself off to avoid a disaster. Before you call our HVAC professionals, check your circuit breaker box and give it a reset, then take a look at your outdoor condenser unit and make sure there are no plants, trash or anything else nearby that could be blocking its air intake. If that doesn't solve the issue, give us a call, and we'll send out a McKinney AC repair expert to diagnose the issue and get it turned back on.

Unusual Noises

A forced-air system is never going to be completely silent because you'll be able to hear the sound of moving air when it’s on and probably a quiet humming noise near the actual unit. But if you're hearing strange sounds such as screeching, squealing, buzzing, or grinding, there's definitely a problem that needs immediate McKinney AC repair attention. There are a few possibilities for what's making the noise, but the most likely issue is that the fan belt has worn out and needs to be replaced. The best way to deal with that is to turn the unit off and call Aire Serv for help. If you keep the system running and the fan belt breaks before we get to it, the replacement will end up being more costly and time-consuming.

Leaking Fluid

If you notice fluid leaking from any part of your system, such as excess moisture under or near an indoor unit, it is likely water. That's a serious issue because excess moisture can do a lot of damage to your house in a short amount of time. Water leakage is often related to a clogged condensate drain line. However, it's also possible that the liquid is refrigerant. This toxic substance can cause serious health problems if it is touched or inhaled, so if you suspect a refrigerant leak, you should stay away from it, open windows in that area, and call our service professionals right away. We'll check it out, confirm what the liquid is and where it's coming from, then get it repaired, so you can rest easy. We'll also check your refrigerant levels to make sure the system has an adequate amount of refrigerant to work with.

Blowing Warm Air

One of the most aggravating issues homeowners can experience is when their air conditioner is on, but there's only warm air coming out of the air ducts. Sometimes this is just a simple error that is easily corrected, so it makes sense to double-check and ensure that the system is in cooling mode. If it is, try turning it down a few degrees and see if anything changes. But if you don't have any luck with that, it's possible the problem is a frozen evaporator coil that is malfunctioning because of an issue such as low refrigerant levels or poor circulation. Our team of McKinney AC repair experts can get it unfrozen and restore your system to full function.

Aire Serv is Your Best Choice for Expert AC Repair, McKinney TX

When your cooling service isn't cooling, you need help fast from a reliable, experienced McKinney AC repair professional—and that's precisely what you get when you call the pros at Aire Serv of McKinney. We have the skill and ongoing training necessary to fix any issue your system is experiencing, so all you have to do is sit back and breathe a perfectly cooled sigh of relief. We can restore your home's indoor comfort levels and energy efficiency quickly and effectively. We also offer commercial HVAC service, air conditioning installation, air duct cleaning, and AC maintenance. We’re also capable of handling tasks such as furnace repair and heating installation for your heat pump, furnace, or boiler.

Emergency Service

If your unit breaks down at 10 am on a Tuesday, getting professional repair help is a breeze. But what if it grinds to a halt in the middle of the hottest summer night or starts acting strangely right before guests are due to arrive for a long weekend, and it's not so easy to find AC repair? McKinney, TX residents need to be able to get emergency air conditioner repair service any time of the day or night, so they don't have to suffer in an over-heated, stuffy house. Trust the experienced HVAC repair professionals at Aire Serv for 24-hour AC repair and other emergency HVAC services, so you can have peace of mind knowing you never have to wait to get the assistance you need.

Frequently Asked McKinney AC Repair Questions

Is McKinney AC Repair Worth It?

When considering if it's time for AC repair, McKinney, TX residents should keep in mind that the biggest benefit is also the most obvious—your air conditioner will work properly again to cool your house and remove excess humidity, which goes a long way toward increasing your indoor comfort levels. But while being more comfortable in your own home is important, it's not the only reason to get McKinney AC repair service from a qualified professional. Our services can actually save you time, money, and stress. Here are a few more advantages to consider:

  • Reduce Energy Costs: Even the most perfectly functioning unit needs to use quite a bit of fuel to keep your home at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. But as time goes by, your system deteriorates and becomes less energy efficient, needing more and more fuel to provide the same service. If your AC unit is old or showing signs of breaking down, or you've noticed that the charges on your monthly energy bills are higher than they used to be and you're not sure why, McKinney AC repair by a skilled HVAC professional can make a big difference by getting your unit running efficiently again and giving your bank account a break with increased energy savings on your utility bills. Here are some more ways to avoid costly heating and cooling in McKinney, TX.
  • Avoid Replacement for Longer: Damage from wear and tear is, of course, cumulative over the years. If your system chugs along day after day, year after year, with no intervention from a McKinney AC repair and maintenance expert, the deterioration adds up faster until the point where it experiences a catastrophic failure, and you need to replace the whole thing. Regular repairs and tune-ups will turn the clock back on the decay process and keep your system functioning smoothly, so you can avoid the hassle and expense of replacement for longer.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Your air conditioning system does a lot for your house, and one of those tasks is air filtration. As the air circulates, it passes through a filter to help strain out impurities like dust, dander, and other allergens that make your home less livable for allergy sufferers. But when you have a dirty air filter or the system is experiencing other issues, the opposite happens, and your air quality can actually be lowered. Our experts can determine the right McKinney AC repair strategy to raise the quality of your indoor air and eliminate allergens, so you can breathe easily again.

Do I Need McKinney AC Repair or Air Conditioner Replacement?

That's a fair question—there's no point in messing around with repair after repair when your unit is on its last legs, and you would really be better off with a new AC installation. The old question of McKinney AC repair versus air conditioning replacement really comes down to a few key factors. If your unit is more than about ten years old, there's widespread damage, or one of the most expensive components (such as the condenser coil) is broken, an AC replacement will generally be the most cost-effective choice. Additionally, if your current system has a low energy efficiency ratio, a replacement will save you money in the long run by reducing your energy costs. This way, you won’t have to waste your money on expensive repairs.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last in McKinney, TX?

That really depends on how much care and preventive maintenance your unit gets throughout the years. Here in McKinney, most residents use their system for more than half the year, so the rate of deterioration is more accelerated than it would be in a cooler climate. Generally speaking, you can expect it to last around 10 to 15 years before you need air conditioning replacement service. However, that span of time can be extended by diligent maintenance and the occasional McKinney AC repair or shortened by neglect and a lack of routine maintenance.

How Often Does My AC System Need a Tune-Up?

We recommend getting professional air conditioner maintenance at least once per year, but if you want to keep your unit running at maximum efficiency, it makes sense to schedule maintenance twice per year. The best time to get it done is when you're not using your AC service as much—schedule an appointment in the spring to make sure everything is ready for the hot season and schedule another appointment in the fall to deal with any issues that may have arisen during the period of heaviest use.

Which Brands Do You Service for McKinney AC Repair?

We service and repair a wide range of HVAC brands, including Amana®, Bryant®, Carrier®, Coleman®, Frigidaire®, Goodman®, Honeywell®, Lennox®, Rheem®, and many more. Regardless of what brand you currently have installed, you can count on our team of service experts to get it repaired correctly and give you back your peace of mind.

Additionally, we recommend that you have your user’s manual handy should you have warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

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Whether you're in McKinney, TX or part of the surrounding area such as Blue Ridge, Anna, or Fairview, you can get reliable air conditioning service and other types of HVAC service for your cooling and heating system from the team of professionals at Aire Serv of McKinney.

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