McKinney Thermostat Replacement and Installation

McKinney is well known for its humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold, windy and mild winters. The weather is mostly moderate in Texas, but at a certain point you may encounter the need for a McKinney thermostat replacement. As McKinney homeowners, we should all have the ability to determine if our home’s environment should be toasty and warm or refreshing and cool. But sometimes this is difficult if your system isn’t working properly, as it not only results in your home’s room temperature levels going topsy-turvy and makes your house incredibly uncomfortable to reside in but also leads to significant energy waste too.

A thermostat device is responsible for controlling the overall temperature of your home by monitoring ambient temperature levels in your building and adjusting accordingly. A malfunctioning unit not only disrupts your daily routines with random hot and cold spots in your rooms but also results in skyrocketing utility bills. It’s best not to be complacent and rely on your certified, licensed, and fully insured McKinney HVAC service professionals. The team at Aire Serv of McKinney is here to restore your thermostat to proper order. Our professional service professionals are well-equipped to carefully assess your home’s room temperature levels and determine the best thermostat replacement or thermostat installation for your needs.

Aire Serv of McKinney service professional showing newly installed thermostat to homeowner in McKinney.

Our Trusted Thermostat Installation Process

Freshly replaced thermostat installed by heating and cooling service professional in McKinney home.

Heating and cooling is not something that’s top of mind until something feels off-kilter and temperature levels begin to drop rapidly leaving you chilly during a frigid winter’s day. Or perhaps your temperature device doesn’t trigger your AC unit at an optimal temperature, leaving you sweltering hot in a heat wave in the thick of summer. Most glitchy units can be quick-fixed by changing batteries, cleaning dirt, dust, and debris off your unit using a compressed brush, resetting its power, toggling settings of your device to its correct mode, or checking your HVAC’s power supply and airflow. If you’ve made these minor adjustments and your thermostat is still not working properly it’s best to call your local McKinney thermostat replacement professional who can diagnose and repair the issue.

After an inspection and diagnosis consultation appointment, our HVAC professional will notify you about any repairs or loose connections. But sometimes your device is about to go kaput due to old age or being incompatible with your HVAC system and so you’ll require a McKinney thermostat replacement. It's important to note when performing a thermostat installation that your malfunctioning device must be replaced by one with the same voltage and be compatible with your HVAC system. Here are some of the steps we take for McKinney thermostat replacement:

  1. Remove and toss: Our expert service professional will proceed to remove the old device by first removing the faceplate and mounting screws. Next, we’ll remove any wires from the old device by turning the screws counterclockwise, being wary of not losing any loose wires.
  2. Time to clean: We will clean the exposed wire ends with a utility knife to the point where they are shiny and clean.
  3. Wire it up: Next we’ll attach these wires to the new unit. The new device is supposed to have the same electrical rating as the old device. Once the wires are attached to your new device we’ll push it back into the wall and tape the opening so cold air doesn’t leak from inside the walls.
  4. Mount and set: We will replace the screws into the new device and place it on the wall. If you have a non-programmable or manual unit that contains a mercury tube, we will set your device level against it as mercury tubes must be exactly level for them to operate. Finally, we’ll replace the faceplate.
  5. Set the standard: We’ll ensure your new device has the appropriate temperature settings and make sure by turning the heating and cooling system on and off appropriately to indicate the standard temperature levels.

We Are the Best Choice for McKinney Thermostat Replacement and Thermostat Installation

Brand new thermostat installed in McKinney home with paper explaining programmed settings.

A faulty HVAC device is not something that you can predict and tends to happen at the most inopportune moments. At Aire Serv we understand so we even offer 24/7 HVAC emergency service in McKinney, TX with no overtime charges and always provide upfront, transparent pricing so you don’t need to fret about how you’re going to pay for a last-minute crisis. You can depend on our skilled HVAC service professionals to arrive promptly, diagnose the problem and give their expert opinion on the best course of action for a McKinney thermostat replacement, along with other services such as air conditioning repair service, heat pump installation, AC service, furnace replacement, heater installation, maintenance services, air duct cleaning, emergency AC repairs and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About McKinney Thermostat Replacement and Installation

Is It Safe to Replace Your Own Thermostat?

It depends on the type of device, for example, non-programmable thermostats are straightforward, but smart thermostats are trickier. Either way, we don’t recommend a DIY McKinney thermostat replacement because if you were to do a shoddy and incorrect installation it can result in excessive voltage current overloading your device and causing it to fail, not to mention causing potential injury or damage.

How Do You Know if Your Thermostat is Compatible With Your HVAC System?

It depends on if your HVAC system is a low-voltage or high-voltage system. If your HVAC system is low voltage, you can use the vast majority of thermostats. If it’s high voltage it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for which unit would work best.

What is the First Step When Installing a New Thermostat?

The very first step is to ensure that all power is turned off to your existing device. You can do this by turning off the power to your heating and air conditioning system at the main service panel and referring to its labeled circuit breaker.

We'll Get Your Room’s Temperature Levels Back to Normal With McKinney Thermostat Replacement

If your thermostat has gone haywire and you’re always getting goosebumps crawling up on your skin when you walk into a certain room of your house it may be that your device is busted and it’s about time for a thermostat replacement. Whether you’re in McKinney or nearby areas such as Wylie, Weston, and Lucas we can repair or replace your thermostat lickety-split. Reach out to our courteous customer service team who will gladly book a service or no-obligation consultation appointment for you as they are enthusiastic about your response.
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